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Features And Methods Of OBM Interventions

This article examines the topic of spirituality and leadership using the example of the Apostle Paul as an exemplary leader for contemporary times. Spiritual leadership has evolved from a concept of ministry to a model for leaders in business and management to use in addressing the challenges of running a business and making a profit. Journal Organizational Behavior. Bullying Before Sexual Harassment While sexual harassment makes larger headlines, workplace bullying can be just as detrimental to employees and the company for which they work.

Using Curiosity to Enhance Meaningfulness of Work It takes practice to become more aware of curiosity and how to use it in various situations. Shaping New Employee Context When new employees fail to reach their potential, we too often look to those who failed rather than the context that contributed to this failure. An Insight to Project Manager Personality Traits In a project team context, there are several personalities and behavioral assessment tools available to help better understand the personalities of project managers and their team members for project success.

The Real Costs of Bad Management-And What You Can Do About It It seems ridiculous to me that virtually percent of organizations knowingly employ people in an important role who are not good at performing this vital function. Leveraging Organizational Identity for Competitive Advantage To create lasting strategic advantages, leaders need to consider how organizational identity, a more intangible and less mobile feature of the firm, may be used to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Leadership in a Smart Machine Age Critics point to significant limitations including the magnification of our cognitive biases in the algorithms that run our smart machines. Research articles describe experimental studies that eliminate or control confounding variables as potential factors influencing performance change and convincingly reveal the effect s of manipulated independent variable s.

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A variety of experimental designs using within or between subject comparisons are utilized to systematically explore behavior in organizations. In describing experimental designs, Research Articles include how the integrity of each independent variable and dependent variable was assessed and achieved. Papers that might qualify as Research Articles will undergo a full peer-review by as many as 3—5 scholars to ensure that they qualify as properly controlled studies of meaningful organizational behavior.

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Well-controlled experimental analog studies and examinations of behavioral processes in simulations and laboratory preparations that contribute to understanding organizational behavior and interventions under field conditions will also qualify as Research Articles. For example, the relative effects of various rules or instructions on individual or group performance might be captured within a work simulation or laboratory analog of an organizational context to develop methodology for testing the generality of findings in field settings.

Experimentally sound replications and extensions of previous work are also acceptable as Research Articles. Research Articles are expected to range from 20—30 double-spaced pages, not including figures. The following checklist is used by the reviewers to evaluate the merits of Research Articles:.

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Clear description of problem and research literature supporting the study. Appropriate experimental design e. Reliability of dependent variable; integrity of independent variables is a strength. Research Reports require less detailed descriptions of background, methodology, or findings than Research Articles and provide authors with an outlet for interesting, scholarly, and potentially important contributions to the empirical foundations of OBM that, at the moment, simply cannot satisfy the criteria for full length Research Articles.

Authors should adhere to a limit of typed lines with the main text area not including the title page, abstract, or references with up to 3 tables or figures. The research report will be the primary outlet for the dataset published. Accordingly, the author s must agree not to publish an extended version of the Report in another journal. Research Reports will undergo expedited peer review to assess applied significance, clarity of presentation, and reasonable data collection and analysis. Reviewers will not hold Research Report submissions to the same high standards of experimental rigor required for Research Articles as these studies typically are pilot projects suggesting systematic replication in more controlled experiments.

Thus the Research Report format offers an expedited publication process to get promising data to our readers along with recommendations for further research. Research Reports describing follow-up data to a previously published project will also be considered for publication. In this case, author s should submit a report length treatment of the project wherein they briefly review and cite the originally published work which could have been published in any peer-reviewed journal , clearly describe the procedures used to produce generalization and maintenance, and discuss the demonstrated effects.

When preparing a follow-up Research Report , authors should not resubmit originally published data in the same format as they were published. They can, however, report summary data like the mean levels of performance as reported in the original work, for purposes of comparison to the follow-up data.

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If the efficacy of an OBM principle appears to be supported by otherwise reliable data in spite of experimental shortcomings such as a lack of integrity associated with an independent variable, high face validity of the variables might, nevertheless, be sufficient to support publication of the data if recommendations are provided for more controlled experimentation. Pilot studies and studies that do not provide the full complement of controls required of Research Articles but still do provide insights important to OBM researchers and practitioners may be published as Research Reports.

The following is the checklist that is used by the reviewers:. Concise description of problem and brief overview of research literature, demonstrating applied significance. Demonstration of potential effect can be attained through a believable size of effect using an AB design, for example worth examining in more controlled experiments. Data-based case studies that describe the application of OBM principles in organizational settings are valuable to the ongoing development of the field and some of these will be published in a Reports from the Field section of the Journal.

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In many instances OBM researchers and practitioners cannot use field experimental intervention designs required to qualify their study as a Research Article. At the same time, OBM researchers and practitioners may systematically implement OBM interventions that can be described in detail and, in some cases, partial or complete data regarding performance changes associated with the interventions may be collected and presented. Papers reviewed for potential publication in the Reports from the Field section will a provide an adequate background on the applied problem encountered, b describe the behavioral and practical considerations addressed to develop the reported intervention solution, c describe the application program in sufficient detail that a person trained in OBM techniques could effectively replicate the procedures and data collection processes the authors used, and d include an evaluation of the OBM solution including cost-benefit analyses and social validity data if available.

Authors are also encouraged to offer advice to readers regarding how their work might be changed to satisfy requirements of a Research Article by other OBM researchers that might replicate the intervention within a field experimental design. Authors should adhere to a limit of typed lines for the main text area not including the title page, abstract, or references with up to 3 tables or figures.

ASA hosts of an annual meeting with more than 6, participants and is a publisher of 10 professional journals and magazines. With , members, APA is the largest association of psychologists worldwide. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology SIOP is the premier membership organization for those practicing and teaching industrial and organizational I-O psychology. I-O psychology is a dynamic and growing field that encompasses workplace issues at the individual and organizational level. I-O psychologists apply research that improves the well-being and performance of people and the organizations that employ them.

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Organizational behavior research papers
Organizational behavior research papers
Organizational behavior research papers
Organizational behavior research papers
Organizational behavior research papers
Organizational behavior research papers

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