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This refers to the wood cut by the villagers for cooking and other purposes. Sometimes the greed to sell more and earn more may instigate many a villager to indiscriminately exploit the forest. Moreover, there are times when the villagers are not competent enough to know what kind of trees what kind of protection. The loss of forest resources occurs when in collecting the wood, the villagers cause harm to the trees, of course unknowingly, yet irreparable.

The practice of agriculture by the rural people was affected by the market economy, which encouraged the farmers to produce more, but at the expense of the forests. Besides, the cultivable area was so small and deficient, that the villagers thought it best to clear large areas of forests to meet their demands. In every community, there are areas which are for the use of the people in general. Grazing lands are one of them.

Deforestation Is The Real Consequences Of Deforestation

Due to excess grazing of the cattle in the grazing lands, the top soil is washed away, which makes it useless for any purpose, including grazing. This prompted the villagers to clear the forest areas for growing fodder. This has, without doubt, led to deforestation. The urban sector consists of both the urban population demands and the sub-urban population demands. It must be understood that the urban sector is involved in the act of deforestation indirectly, but to a greater magnitude than the rural sector.

The major reason that prompts the urban sector to get itself involved in this deforestation act is the emergence of the mass consumption, propounded by W. This era is characterized by a hedonistic attitude of the people, coupled with total disregard for the environment. The various ways in which the urban sector contributes to the disastrous act of deforestation are:.

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There is considerable demand for housing in the urban sector. Since the land area is limited, the only option for the real estate dealers is to buy the forest land for cheap, clear them and make housing sites for the urban populace. This also includes the demand for wood in the construction of the houses. With more demand, greater is the harm done to the forests.

With the growth of more housing in the cities, there is a greater need to, Provide various infrastructural facilities for the people, which sure has a major impact on the forests. Be it the laying of roads, or networking cities, is titanic operation to clear the impediments on the route, which are the forests. Hence forests become the prey to the modern developmental processes. In order to reduce the congestion in the urban areas, various infrastructures are developed along the fringes of the cities to divert the population.

But this process has an evil effect. Though the satellite towns may remain enviro-friendly for some time, with the passage of time and the simultaneous increase, not only, in the population, but also in the migration of rural people to the urban areas. This concept is double -edged sword—it not only clears away the forests on the fringes of the cities, but also causes the formation of another city, with all its hatred for the forest.

Doing business for profit is the motto of many corporates. But this aim should not in any way make the sector apathetic to the environmental pollution that it causes. Moreover, the setting up of industries needs large tracts of land and the cheapest option is the forests. Hence, forests end up as the production centres of many goods. In particular, there are industries that need a lot of inputs that are got only from the forests.

These industries are many, but it would be a mistake to consider that all the agro-based industries lead to deforestation.

Effects of Deforestation.

Three major industries are identified that cause mass deforestation. It is the paper industry which is the highest user of wood in the world. Mining is a devastating operation that not only destroys the natural ecosystems, particularly if it is surface mining, but also, introduces tremendous distortions in the forestry sector of the nation.

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Wood is used as fuel both directly and indirectly, therefore trees are chopped for supplies. Firewood and charcoal are examples of wood being used as fuel. Some of these industries thrive on illegal wood cutting and felling of trees. Urbanization: Further on order to gain access to these forests, the construction of roads are undertaken; here again trees are chopped to create roads. Overpopulation too directly affects forest covers, as with the expansion of cities more land is needed to establish housing and settlements.

Deforestation Essay Examples

Therefore forest land is reclaimed. Desertification of land: Some of the other factors that lead to deforestation are also part natural and part anthropogenic like Desertification of land. It occurs due to land abuse making it unfit for growth of trees. Many industries in petrochemicals release their waste into rivers which results in soil erosion and make it unfit to grow plants and trees. Mining: Oil and coal mining require considerable amount of forest land.

Apart from this, roads and highways have to be built to make way for trucks and other equipment. The waste that comes out from mining pollutes the environment and affects the nearby species. Forest Fires: Another example would be forest blazes; Hundreds of trees are lost each year due to forest fires in various portions of the world. This happens due to extreme warm summers and milder winters. Fires, whether causes by man or nature results in huge loss of forest cover. Climate Imbalance: Deforestation also affects the climate in more than one ways.

Trees release water vapor in the air, which is compromised on with the lack of trees. They lose their dwelling place as a result of deforestation.

Trees also help in maintaining the temperature on this earth. But deforestation leads to global warming. Again lack of trees also adds fuel in the increase of greenhouse gases in the environment. Solutions to deforestations: — The best solution to deforestation is afforestation.

Because already we have lost a huge amount of trees from our environment. At first, it is very necessary for us to fill-up that loss.

Deforestation - Understanding the Causes, Problems and Conservation Techniques

On the other hand, we have laws to stop deforestation. But this law is not the only deforestation solutions. This law should be strictly implemented and strict actions should be taken against those who cut down trees without proper permission. Conclusion of deforestation: — Deforestation is an alarming environmental issue.

Many other environmental problems have been seen erecting as a result of deforestation. So we all should understand the value of trees and try to plant as much as tree possible. Introduction of deforestation essay: — The act of cutting down trees permanently is called deforestation. Deforestation has been a matter of concern in this century. The health of our mother earth is deteriorating gradually. Many factors are responsible for the gradual climatic changes on this earth. One of the major cause of this alarming climatic changes is deforestation.

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  • Causes of deforestation: — There are different causes of deforestation. Among them growth in population, agricultural activities, logging, preference to urbanization, infrastructural development, etc. Gradually our earth is getting populated. As a result of the population explosion, people need more vacant place to build their houses. And for that purpose people clears forest areas for construction purpose. On the other hand, human being uses wood for different purposes like constructing a house, making furniture, etc. Simultaneously people also clear forest areas for agricultural purpose too.

    With the growth of population more agricultural areas are covered by the human being and as a result of that forest areas are vanishing from the earth day by day. Again oil and coal mining require a lot of areas. A huge amount of forest area is cleared for mining purposes every year. All these are the manmade causes of deforestation. Some other causes of deforestation like a forest fire are the example of natural causes of deforestation.

    Effects of deforestation: — There are a lot of effects of deforestation on our environment. Deforestation affects the climate in many ways.

    deforestation introduction essay Deforestation introduction essay
    deforestation introduction essay Deforestation introduction essay
    deforestation introduction essay Deforestation introduction essay
    deforestation introduction essay Deforestation introduction essay
    deforestation introduction essay Deforestation introduction essay
    deforestation introduction essay Deforestation introduction essay
    deforestation introduction essay Deforestation introduction essay

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