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Each stanza intensifies the situation in the poem. The first stanza brings out that the refugees are homeless. Though there are millions in the city all of whom Refugee Blues — W. Theme - abuse of human rights experienced not only by German Jews but by other Jews and by refugees anywhere.

Structure - The poem contains twelve stanzas of three lines each. The first and second line of each stanza rhyme. The two rhyming lines of each stanza tell the story, while the third line contains a refrain like a chorus that develops the theme of the poem. Analysis - The use of the word blues also reinforces the musical theme of the poem as the sub-genre of jazz — this style of music was created by the slaves in slave communities in the Southern States of the USA. The origin and the modern meaning of this word tie in with the two purposes of the poem.

The first stanza notes that the city they have fled to is full of people, both rich and poor, yet there is no space for them.

The tree is an interesting symbol in the next stanza. The tree can go through Makes it sound like they are surrounded by so much shelter but they are not allowed in any of them Language about war Ten thousand soldiers marched to and fro.

Refugee Blues Essay

Refugee blues In this poem, the author have used a ballad form. This poem is lyrical which means it is a lyrics to a song. The poem have two rhyming lines of each stanza with the third line which got repetition and this develops the theme. The title ' refugee blues ' holds an emotional intensity, shows the critical of society which the people who doesn't belong to that country. In the first stanza, the word 'souls' shows that it is something holy and valuable and they should be treated all the same like everyone else. The word 'my dear' shows that they are married. However, we don't know whether the wife or the husband is talking.

In the third stanza, the sentence ' in the village churchyard these grows an old yew' contrasts with the sentence 'old passports cant do that, my dear, old passports cant do that' as the tree could go through the nature's cycle while once the passport is lost, it can never be recovered. In the forth stanza, the sentence 'if you've got no passport you're officially dead' shows fear, humiliation and threat.

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In the sixth stanza, the sentence 'if we let them in, they will steal our daily bread' the word daily bread allusions to the prayer 'Our Father'. The sentence 'he was talking to me , my dear' shows intimate and close.

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Meanwhile, in the ninth and tenth stanza, the refugee highlights the ridiculous of the situation that they are in by contrasting it with the The Refugee by Pearl S. Buck Genre: social problem Theme: the aftermath of a natural disaster Setting: city in China; flood Characters: old man, noodle vendor, passer-by Summary: Please put the paragraphs into the correct order: An old man, too old for the heavy burden he is carrying, is the last of the procession. He can hardly keep up with the others.

When he can no longer go on he sits down near a stand selling hot noodles. A man passing by takes pity on him and offers him some coins, although he himself does not know where his next meal is to come from. The old man is reluctant to take the money. He does not want to be thought a beggar and so explains the situation. He says that his people had good land, but that the river rose and they had no food left.

In desperation they even ate the seed which had been bought for planting the land. He takes pains to defend his people, saying that they were too hungry and too inexperienced to think of the future, although he warned them not to eat the seed. The passer-by drops a silver coin and a copper penny into the old man's apron and goes on his way. To the noodle vendor's surprise the old man does not spend all the money on food, but only the copper coin.

They cannot live there and yet they cannot leave. There was fear everywhere, in their old home, in their new refugee. There is no they can turn to nor trust. Thunder is said to be rumbling in the sky.

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Thunder here is the order of Hitler that all Jews be killed. The reference is apt as thunder comes before lightning. The lightning here would be the deadly strikes and bullets aimed at the Jews. The speaker makes the discrimination more acute by portraying the treatment received; humans dressing up dogs and opening doors for cats, while they shut them on their own. The fallen state of humans is shown next. While being the most intelligent species on the planet, they fight and cage and hunt their own. In contrast, fishes swim freely.

The birds sing with ease. There are no politicians to bind them, no constraints. These stanzas show the dark side of humans and how far they fall. In the last stanza, the speaker says that he was on a great plain in falling snow.

W. H. Auden: Poems Summary and Analysis of "Funeral Blues (Stop All the Clocks)"

He is out while snowing implying that he had no other place to go. He had no shelter and hence had to roam in the open, constantly in fear of being hunted by the soldiers deployed to kill them.

Throughout the poem, the speaker speaks to another human, presumably a female companion. This emphasis on the human and loving nature of the speaker gets further sympathy from the readers for the Jews. It is to show the people the plight of their fellow humans, and how just because they were Jews they were denied basic rights. It is an indirect appeal to show compassion by emphasizing that they the Jews were humans too, the same as the readers.

It is depressing and devastating. Written in a time when the war and hunt were all real, Auden tries to get sympathy and compassion from the readers towards the Jews. He also shows the depth humans can fall to in their cruelty and how indifference too was a cruelty in itself. He shows the human nature of Jews and how they wish to be free and safe, like any other. All content submitted here are by contributors.

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refugee blues analysis essay Refugee blues analysis essay
refugee blues analysis essay Refugee blues analysis essay
refugee blues analysis essay Refugee blues analysis essay
refugee blues analysis essay Refugee blues analysis essay
refugee blues analysis essay Refugee blues analysis essay
refugee blues analysis essay Refugee blues analysis essay
refugee blues analysis essay Refugee blues analysis essay
refugee blues analysis essay Refugee blues analysis essay

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