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Natural gas sources have been in use for a number of decades, but it is through the progression of compression techniques that it is becoming a more viable alternative energy source. In particular, it is being used in cars to reduce carbon emissions.

Essay on Renewable Energy

Demand for this energy source has been increasing. In , the lower 48 states of the United States reached record levels of demand and consumption.

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Despite this, natural gas does come with some issues. The potential for contamination is larger than with other alternative fuel sources and natural gas still emits greenhouse gases, even if the amount is lower than with fossil fuels. In contrast to biomass energy sources, biofuels make use of animal and plant life to create energy. In essence they are fuels that can be obtained from some form of organic matter. They are renewable in cases where plants are used , as these can be regrown on a yearly basis. Biofuels are increasingly being adopted, particularly in the United States.

They accounted for approximately seven percent of transport fuel consumption as of Water again proves itself to be a valuable contributor to alternative energy fuel sources with wave energy converters.

Fossil Fuel : Fossil Fuels Essay

These hold an advantage over tidal energy sources because they can be placed in the ocean in various situations and locations. Much like with tidal energy, the benefits come in the lack of waste produced. It is also more reliable than many other forms of alternative energy and has enormous potential when used properly.

Again, the cost of such systems is a major contributing factor to slow uptake. Hydroelectric methods actually are some of the earliest means of creating energy, though their use began to decline with the rise of fossil fuels. Despite this, they still account for approximately seven percent of the energy produced in the United States. Hydroelectric energy carries with it a number of benefits. Better yet, it also offers a number of secondary benefits that are not immediately apparent.

The dams used in generating hydroelectric power also contribute to flood control and irrigation techniques. Nuclear power is amongst the most abundant forms of alternative energy. It creates a number of direct benefits in terms of emissions and efficiency, while also boosting the economy by creating jobs in plant creation and operation. Thirteen countries relied on nuclear power to produce at least a quarter of their electricity as of and there are currently plants in operation throughout the world. The drawback is that when something goes wrong with a nuclear power plant the potential for catastrophe exists.

The situations in Chernobyl and Fukushima are examples of this. When most people think of alternative energy sources they tend to use solar power as an example. The technology has evolved massively over the years and is now used for large-scale energy production and power generation for single homes. A number of countries have introduced initiatives to promote the growth of solar power.

Fossil Fuels And Alternative Energy

This energy source is completely renewable and the costs of installation are outweighed by the money saved in energy bills from traditional suppliers. Nevertheless, solar cells are prone to deterioration over large periods of time and are not as effective in unideal weather conditions. As the issues that result from the use of traditional fossil fuels become more prominent, alternative fuel sources like the ones mentioned here are likely to gain further importance.

Their benefits alleviate many of the problems caused by fossil fuel use, particularly when it comes to emissions. However, the advancement of some of these technologies has been slowed down due to the amount of investment needed to make them viable. Through combining them all we may be able to positively affect issues like climate change, pollution and many others.

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Please do contribute to the discussion below and let us know your thoughts on alternative energy sources in the comments section or by sharing this article on social media. We have finished it in a few minutes, which nature has spent millions of years in making. Environmental pollution, social and economic pressures and political upsets make the problem more serious. Therefore, the development and use of renewable energy sources and having strong will power for this is the need of the day.

This requires massive use of renewable energy as well as strengthening of its storage capacity. To adopt renewable energy voluntarily, it has to be emotionally and socially connected. To increase their credibility, more control over renewable energy resources and better performance will have to be ensured.

Under this scheme, India is committed to generate 40 percent of the total energy by with green energy. In view of limited energy resources and high cost of imports, Prime Minister wants to focus on innovation and research in renewable energy sectors like solar and wind energy. This will provide electricity to every family at a reasonable price. Renewable energy is being used as an alternative to conventional energy. Due to development of technology, renewable energy can be used easily in daily life and for commercial consumption. This type of energy does not pollute the atmosphere; hence it is also called clean fuel.

This fuel or energy will never run out, it can be replenished. Unlimited reserves of renewable energy resources are available everywhere in the world. It requires less expenditure and less capital investment. We all know that mineral and fossil fuels are rapidly ending and the day is not far when petroleum and coal will be completely extinct from the earth.

Is there an alternative to fossil fuels?

Many oil wells around the world have started drying. Apart from this, many coal reserves are rapidly depleted, due to which it has become a big problem for some countries that are completely dependent on coal and petroleum for energy production. In contrast, renewable energy sources such as sun, wind and biomass are stable and sustainable solutions for energy derived from them is very important.

That is why a need to adopt these sources of renewable energy to solve energy needs. The production and use of solar energy requires photovoltaic cells and solar panels, and the production of hydroelectric power requires the construction of hydroelectric plants. Similarly, wind mills and wind turbines are required for the production of wind energy.

The energy generated by the combustion of fossil fuels such as petroleum, crude oil, natural gas and coal produces polluting gases and increases global warming. On the other hand, renewable energy does not cause pollution in the atmosphere. It protects our Earth from catastrophic problems like pollution and global warming, so we need to make every effort to adopt pollution-free renewable energy generated by the sources of renewable energy.

At present, the entire world is largely dependent on sources of non-renewable energy, which is derived from fossil fuels like crude oil and coal. Due to which the fossil fuels are getting depleted rapidly and the oil wells of the oil producing countries are drying up rapidly and the coal mines are also coming to an end. Which is a global concern and the day is not far when fossil fuel reserves will be completely exhausted from the earth.

Due to which many activities and economic activities will come to a standstill. Anything that supplies human needs is called resource. Resources can be natural e. Renewable energy includes all energy that is not polluting the environment and whose source does not decay, or whose source is replenished. Resources that can be recycled and reused are called renewable resources, for example solar, tidal and wind energy etc. These resources can be used again and again in future.

Fishes are also considered as a similar resource. Renewable energy resources are also called alternative energy resources. The major renewable energy resources include hydropower, geothermal energy, solar energy, tidal ebb and wind energy. Rajasthan is the largest producer of solar power generation and total renewable energy generation in the country, followed by Jammu and Kashmir with MW generation capacity and Maharashtra with MW renewable powers. India has the capacity to generate GW of renewable energy from renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy and bio-energy.

Energy has become an inseparable part of modern lifestyle. Without energy, a very big question mark will be put on the existence of modern civilization. Renewable energy is the main pillar of renewable development.

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    essay what is an alternative sources for fossil fuels Essay what is an alternative sources for fossil fuels
    essay what is an alternative sources for fossil fuels Essay what is an alternative sources for fossil fuels
    essay what is an alternative sources for fossil fuels Essay what is an alternative sources for fossil fuels
    essay what is an alternative sources for fossil fuels Essay what is an alternative sources for fossil fuels
    essay what is an alternative sources for fossil fuels Essay what is an alternative sources for fossil fuels

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