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In the English fleet, on the other hand, roughly one man in ten was a gunnery specialist, meaning that every gun crew was supervised by someone with the relevant skills and experience. As a result, when the battle came, the English fired two or three times faster. The Spanish carried more ammunition for their cannons than the English, but it was not as good.

Spanish iron ore was inferior in quality to that found in England. The situation was made worse by the rush to produce ammunition for the expedition. To speed up production, canon balls had been cooled in water, weakening their structure.

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For some of the large bore guns, money had been saved by using stone ammunition. This often disintegrated when fired, making it deadly at short range but nearly useless for long-range inter-ship shooting. Better metallurgy also allowed the English to produce shorter cannons while retaining their range and power. Combined with specially designed naval gun carriages, this allowed the guns to be pulled in and reloaded more quickly.

Even before they reached their destination, the ships of the Armada were twice scattered by storms. Some were damaged, others lost, and there were long delays while they regrouped. It was an omen of what was to come, with storms smashing the fleet as it fled the English and limped home around the British Isles. The obvious move for the English fleet would have been to block the Spanish by standing in their way across the Channel. Instead, Admiral Lord Howard led the English around the Spanish so that they were sailing behind them. From this position, they could fire at the Spanish ships, making use of their superior gunnery, with little risk of close quarters action.

We, humans, are full of flaws.

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The Spanish Armada was important because the main reason for sailing towards England in was to overthrow the English throne and Queen Elizabeth I.. The Spanish Armada is important in history because it helped solidify European History on the Spanish Armada. Essay content: Dette system gav en vis beskyttelse for kolonierne i tallet, men i tallet havde kolonierne mere at byde pa, sa det blev det frustrerende pga.

Browse essays about Spanish Armada and find inspiration. The Spanish Armada The Spanish Armada was a fleet of armed ships that attempted to invade England in the year of "This Spanish Fleet had at one time been called the Invincible Armada, supposedly because the Spaniards thought it could not be defeated" World book Multimedia E.

Dr Jones was blown away when a Year 8 student, Matthew Murray, produced this stunning essay about the Spanish Armada for a homework assignment.. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers.. The Armada's first attempt to sail was cut short by a nasty storm in April of. History essay on the spanish armada. Let us take you to get a wealth to invade england,.

April 26, that sailed from the progress of the invasion force.. The initial decision to send an invasion force and Armada to England was first thought up in This is important to realise, as for many, it was the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, that caused the Armada to be launched as some form of revenge against England and Elizabeth.. If they would succeed in victory and conquer the enemy, then they would be the sole world power..

The Battle of the Spanish Armada The great naval battle between Spain and England in one of the most important battles in the history of the world- is known as the Battle of the Invincible Armada. But in a sense, this is a misnomer. But the winds had halted the troop transport and the Spanish ships could not get close enough into the shallow waters to take the soldiers aboard.

Reasons for the Spanish Armada

Whilst the Armada was waiting, Drake sent out eight fire ships into the heart of the Spanish fleet. The Spanish panicked, cut their anchors and scattered, breaking formation.

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After the Battle of Gravelines the remaining Spanish were forced to sail up the east coast of England and then around the north of Scotland. From here the Armada could sail past the western Irish coast and back to Spain. However, the weather struck the Spanish Armada again and whilst it sailed round the North-west of Scotland, it hit a one of the worst storms in history which damaged many of the ships. A further reason for the defeat of the Spanish Armada was tactic and battle plans.

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The tactics used by the Spanish were outdated. Basically, the Spanish wanted to board the English ships and capture them and the English wanted to sink the Spanish galleons!


The Spanish aimed to run alongside the English ships, pull the two ships together using grappling irons and then board the ships with large numbers of soldiers. In comparison, the English relied on the use of long-range guns. Therefore, they never allowed the Spanish to get close enough to board them which meant that despite having one and a half times more firepower than the English, they could not utilise it because the English ships were too far away. One successful tactic of Sir Francis Drake was to attack the Armada from behind.

He waited for them to pass Plymouth, famously completing his game of bowls! He then followed the Armada along the channel. The Spanish leader, Medina Sedona used a successful tactic of having the Armada in a crescent formation. This made the Armada almost impervious to attack. But part of his plan was to stop and pick up men which was a mistake.

Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada

Whilst the galleons were on the move and in a crescent formation they were protected. Once the ships stopped it broke formation, making it easier for the English to attack which is exactly what happened. The Spaniards panicked and cut their anchors before the crews were back on deck! The galleons drifted about and collided and under persistent bombardment by Drake, the Armada was scattered and had no choice but to sail all the way round the British Isles to get home.

My final reason for the failure of the Spanish Armada was the different ship designs, which favoured the English. The Spanish fleet was built mainly for transporting and not fighting whereas the English ships were smaller, faster and more manoeuvrable. This manoeuvrability was a great advantage. Also, the size of the Spanish ships made them easy targets for the English making them easier to attack. The English battery guns could fire long distances whereas the Spanish ships were built for close range combat. Another difference was that the English gunners could fire quicker and more accurately and load more easily.

The Spanish Ships had many of their guns on the lower decks.

Spanish armada fail essay
Spanish armada fail essay
Spanish armada fail essay
Spanish armada fail essay
Spanish armada fail essay
Spanish armada fail essay
Spanish armada fail essay
Spanish armada fail essay
Spanish armada fail essay

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