Oresteia thesis statement

In Agamemnon Aeschylus represents Clytemnestra as a woman who defies every convention of the female gender role. Clytemnestra does not hide from her actions, instead she freely admits the murder and embraces the power and authority. It is through the inversion of traditional gender roles, adopting masculine speech, behaviours and activities, that Clytemnestra ultimately achieves her revenge for the sacrifice of Iphigenia.

Hame, K. Katz, M. Pomeroy, S. A brief and interesting examination of Clytemnestra! Thanks for this post — its really got me thinking!


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Its been a while since I have read Agamemnon , but as I recall Agamemnon and Clytemnestra share a sense of certainty in their actions to end life. This common sense of entitlement is interesting. Clytemnestra is compelled to seek revenge-by-murder by her allegiance to honoring the familial bond read blood bond, or mater-daughter.

By adapting masculine posturing, she is able to attain revenge and bring to light the power inherent in familial and hearth-oriented bonds. In a time when deference to the gods and political power were supreme, Clytemnestra dares to step up and into a scene wielding familial fidelity and the dark feminine as a powerful reminder that there is more than just the intellectual sphere with which to be concerned. By sacrificing the weak and voiceless in an effort to gain power and prestige, eventually those relegated as the weak will adapt new and more cunning ways to beat oppressors at their own game.

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But we all know how this ends — the killer is the killed, and the revenge wrath continues! All comments are very much welcome, particularly when they are so well thought out and considered. It is good to have a broad perspective and the opinions of others. Your analysis is similar to the article by Hame that I quote who considers the funeral rites performed by Clytemnestra for Agamemnon.

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I would highly recommend it if you can access a copy. Thank you very much for your contribution. I also highly recommend both versions of Electra for more insight into the character of Clytemnestra. Thank you for mentioning both versions of Electra. I have just finished re-reading both plays in the past few weeks; they are an excellent. I also found that Iphigenia at Aulis provided a useful alternative portrayal of Clytemnestra. I could quite easily have written a whole essay on her.

English , Lecture 3. Mini-essay 1 due W ednesday Sept. Initially , one's first response is to think that the plot of the Oreste ia title of a work should be italicized or. However , this is wrong.

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In fact, the Oresteia is about a theme:. In my essay in the essay that follows , I will intend to threat. T ells the reader what. The essay should be two pages double-spaced, and handed in to the T A in lecture. This is a formal essay.

The Oresteia Essay Examples

Should have formal structure. It is ok to refer to yourself.

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A couple of mild references to yourself is ok. Helps the reader understand the. He still wants to become a budhist priest and live his life according to budha. It shows us how he lived his life as a budhist monk. In his story the main idea was respect the emperor and the religious priest. We should enjoy our life and live to the fullest and our death which makes us a human. He also prefers to live life as simple as possible to be simple, simplicity is the way to be, and we should always avoid modernizing ourselfves.

As because of modernizing our true self will lead to loose our soul. We should not do something in anger or jealousy, we should always think of consequences on what the outcome will be. He also compared human personality with a house. Human personality is like a house; a personality is someones idenity, a person with a good peronality can outcome anything. He also mentions us not to be greed. As because a greedy person is intoxicated in wealth of the world he is always fear of that, But who is pure of hearts always knows death is inveitable and does not fear death.

Theme: Cutline by Chris Pearson. Powered by WordPress MU. Eng Mapping the Ancient World. Nights, Multiple works by same author The Oresteia : -cite by line number Agamemnon, Eumenides, The Odyssey Book 1, line 50 : 1. Citing article: Zeftel, Ways it can enter into your paper: 1.


Minor role — background info that can come any point in your paper — possibly just info in the introduction Or as a supportive point at some point in your body paragraphs. The Oresteia. Robert Fagles. New York: Penguin, An Article: Case, Sue-Ellen. Sally Potter.

Oresteia thesis statement
Oresteia thesis statement
Oresteia thesis statement
Oresteia thesis statement
Oresteia thesis statement
Oresteia thesis statement
Oresteia thesis statement

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