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A tribute to my mentor - Karthik Vinayagamorthi

When I think about why I picked my brother Edward Lewis Woodel to do a tribute about, I often think about all the great times we had growing up. Edwin was born on September 04, , he was the fourth child of David and Jenny Wilson and boy where they proud. At this time my parents had two children, my brother Bob and myself. Our first brother Joseph had died a year prior to my birth from infant heart disease. So we often we heard my parents talk about having another baby, well here he was and we were all very happy.

My brother Bob, and I watched over him from the start, and we became his protector.

One of U of T’s top teachers thanks his mentor

One of my greatest memories about Edwin was he really loved people, and boy did he love to make people laugh. We were always joking around, and having fun all the time. Edwin was Music has always been around me, my dad was a big music buff. While I was enrolled there I joined a band and was singing in a local lounge every weekend and I loved it! Once I moved back home and enrolled in Georgia State I felt it was time to break out of my shell and truly begin to perform. His vocal range and performance was out of this world, I had to meet him.

When the crowd finally left I was able to make my move to meet him and ask a couple of questions. I told him how much I enjoyed his show and told him about what I wanted to do in the music industry, he gave me a little of advice and told me to add him on Facebook. I added him and he began inviting me to all of his performances.

A year later I was singing back-up for a local artist in this production and Introduction A. Subject or Thesis Statement I would like to share with you someone in my life who has influenced me greatly, my father, Fred Nameless. Point Preview My father is a self-sacrificing man, who is authentic in all of his dealings with others.

However, in keeping with his authenticity, he tends to be impulsive. Significance of Subject It is because of his example, that I carefully consider the choices I make as a parent; knowing I can dramatically affect the lives of my children through my choices and characteristics. Main Point One A. Illustration 2 positives with one illustration only I look back now and remember a scene that played itself out many times when I was a teenager.

I see a man in his thirties who just wants to relax at the end of his day of work and familial responsibility. One by one each of my three younger siblings go off to bed. This will include a plan that will evaluate my performance as a mentor to a student I have been working with on the ward.

According to the Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC the term mentor is used to denote the role of a registered nurse who facilitates learning and supervises and assesses students in the practice place. The council identify eight mandatory standards that must be achieved to become a mentor. Within the assignment I shall be referring to the Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in a clinical practice. Initially I am required, with my mentor , to agree an action plan for the duration of the module.

The 2012 Collection of Honor Your Mentor Essays

This will guide my learning activities in the clinical area and will highlight any support I need. We will work together and meet on arranged days in order to review and discuss my progress. We are both aware a formative assessment is to be submitted. I should also work towards a reflective diary which compromises of an initial action plan, six mentorship activities, a mid way review and final review. My role as a mentor to a nursing student will be evaluated, through looking at the way she is supported on the ward and also how I facilitate this.

I will critically reflect upon my teaching S military. In conclusion, I will urge every citizen to join me in understanding the services of the U. S military and always appreciate them. It would of immediate satisfaction to me, if every concerned citizen would make it a part of their life, to evaluate, and appreciate grievous measures undertaken by their U.

S military in their quest of sustaining peace and safety in US. If not now, when? New York: Berkley Caliber, Maddow, Rachel. Drift the unmooring of American military power. Melbourne: Scribe, Toomey, Vurlee A. Tribute to Shakespeare Shakespeare was an English playwright and poet. He is generally considered the "greatest dramatist the world has ever known" and the "finest poet who has written in the English language" World Book Encyclopedia.

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Shakespeare has also been the world's most popular author. No other writer's plays have been produced so many times or read so widely in so many countries. Many reasons can be given for Shakespeare's appeal. But his fame basically is on his understanding of human nature.

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Shakespeare understood people as few other artists have. What he said that day may or may not prove true for all writers, but it sure took the pressure off my first chapter, allowing me the confidence to move forward on my project, and that was a genuine gift. I begin each book as uncertain of myself as I was when I began my first. I believe we were shocked and demoralized by that admission, naively thinking that we would learn how to structure a book and then the struggles would end.

But now, 20 years later, it is a second important gift from my mentor, especially on those days that writing anything worthwhile seems a truly impossible task. In creative writing programs, gossip often includes tales of prominent writers on faculty or in residence who are never available, or midlist writers who are too stressed about their own careers to help their lowly students, but stories like these are the exception, not the rule.

Most writing teachers are generous to a fault.

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My first recommendation is for those currently considering applying to MFA programs or other writing workshops. If you find a program that interests you, use the Internet to reach out to students currently enrolled there and ask politely about how supportive the faculty is and how supportive fellow students are, as well. If you write in a particular mode or genre—speculative fiction, formal poetry, young adult—ask if this sort of work gets a balanced workshop treatment. Choosing a program is a big decision, and doing your homework means more than just visiting the website.

My second and best piece of advice is for those entering a graduate writing program, or enrolling in any other sort of writing class or workshop: Let the mentor find you.

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Be serious, meet deadlines, bring your best work to workshop and exhibit curiosity and a hunger to become a better writer not a hunger for shortcuts or favors. So why, I would ask, are you here? Every writing teacher I know is thrilled when such a student arrives, and the mentoring relationship becomes a fait accompli.

tribute to a mentor essay Tribute to a mentor essay
tribute to a mentor essay Tribute to a mentor essay
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tribute to a mentor essay Tribute to a mentor essay
tribute to a mentor essay Tribute to a mentor essay
tribute to a mentor essay Tribute to a mentor essay

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