Essay on ramadan mubarak

Essay on ramadan mubarak

If it is sighted, the first day of Eid al-Fitr will be observed on Tuesday, June 4. Otherwise, Ramadan fasting will carry on for 30 days and Eid al-Fitr will be celebrated on Wednesday, June 5.

Ramadan: ‘It will be a test but the peace you get is beautiful’ | World news | The Guardian

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Toggle navigation. Ramadan Why is it so important for Muslims? The Muslim holy month is upon us once again. Here is what happens. What is Ramadan? Muslims also believe the Quran was revealed in Ramadan. Have your say. Give us feedback. In one week I was interviewed five times and I turned down even more. Many of us — myself included — came out of the closet that night and spoke frankly with local leaders about the realities of our experience.

There was a lot of talk about reconciliation and moving forward together. There was hope for something better, and a safer community for all of us. I mean to ask this sincerely: Of all the words spoken last summer, of reconciliation or inclusion or cooperation, what has actually come of it? For one, we were all out of the closet.

That cat could never go back into the bag. We took a gamble, came out of the closet that we might help make the ummah safer for people like us. After that week, after a few certain words in front of certain company, instantly the mosque was no longer a safe space. In an effort to make our community safer, the lie that kept me safe was shattered. The connection was made between my day-to-day life as a cisgender-passing normative young woman and my online work as bisexual transgender activist , and never again would they be separate.

Many of us across the country were going through similar transitions. It became more apparent that the status quo was unwilling to accommodate us and if we wanted spaces that were inclusive and affirming for all, we would have to build them ourselves. After the summit, we had an iftar at my new apartment in Rogers Park. Over a dozen of us, exhausted from interviews and events and making sure our friends and family were safe, we sat at a long dinner table and broke fast together. For dessert, a cheap store bought cake with home-made icing letters: Coming Out Mubarak. This Ramadan, I am doing everything I can to ensure no one is spending our holy holiday alone.

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  • The Holy Month of Ramadan.

I am doing everything I can to make sure no one has to live out a lie just to feel safe. I want a Ramadan where all can be themselves, wholly, embraced by the light of Islam. A space built on accessibility, inclusion and a passionate love for Islam. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Mushwar, thank you for visiting and commenting. The rules that you link to are for Muslims, but it is good for non Muslims to be aware of them if they are living in an Islamic country.

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I feel proud to be Muslim and Do fast full Ramadan. Yup there are many things that non-muslim can learn from it. If anyone can read Ramadan rules that will be great. I'm so pleased to hear that : and I'm glad you like Kuala Lumpur. I love that city.

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By the way, my trip is in April but, thanks for the best wishes. Hi Liza - thank you for commenting. You have reminded me that I have to update the article with dates. I'll do that now! Enjoy your Malaysia trip. I have been twice to Kuala Lumpur for work. Great city! As a Muslim, I appreciated it. This year Ramadan begins in the early month of May and ends in the early month of June. I'm so lucky to celebrate the holy month with my family in Malaysia this year.

Much more than documents.

Thanks for sharing! Very hard for a 12 year-old, I'd say, especially in the West. And in Oregon the days are very long at this time of year. But at least you don't have temperatures in the mid 40s Celsius about F like we do here in the desert! Excellent article! And it would wonderful to see people like respecting others. Anyways, Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Kareem - Mera pehla Roza

Thanks for writing and sharing this. My year-old son has a friend who will be observing Ramadan, and we know so little about it.

What is Ramadan?

His mother told us it's more difficult to observe it here in Oregon because they don't have a large Muslim community to support them. I can't imagine going to work all day without consuming food and water. My productivity would be low! I would imagine the fasting routine there is more of a personal choice. Here in Qatar, everything changes for the month as Ramadan is enshrined in Law.

Ramadan - the month of blessings and giving

We visited Malaysia at the end of Ramadan one year, not knowing it was Ramadan until we heard the celebrations in the street outside our first hotel. This was my first experience of Ramadan, and we partook in Adilfritri Hari Rya I forget which way it goes.. I then worked with a man who is Muslim, and has his Ramadan period very much respected where we worked - I learnt a lot from him, but I have certainly learnt a lot here - thank you for sharing!

Happy Holidays for the good muslims people. God bless those around them in a good way. I like your hub. Thank you for writing about other culture 's religion. Some of their food dishes around Ramadam are delicious. I tried some of their food in a multicultural parties From work invitations a few years back. Thank you Mr. Zulfikar - There are certainly muslims who drink alcohol all year round, even during Ramadan in some cases, but not during the fasting hours.

However, as a non-muslim visitor to an Islamic country, I am not qualified to speak on whether this negates the fast within the faith. Maybe someone else can answer? Assalaam Alaykum i want to know one thing there are muslims who do drink alcohol, but when its ramadhan they stop but as soon as ramadhan ends after eid they start drinking alcohol as usual. Thank you, Grace-Wolf.

essay on ramadan mubarak Essay on ramadan mubarak
essay on ramadan mubarak Essay on ramadan mubarak
essay on ramadan mubarak Essay on ramadan mubarak
essay on ramadan mubarak Essay on ramadan mubarak
essay on ramadan mubarak Essay on ramadan mubarak
essay on ramadan mubarak Essay on ramadan mubarak
essay on ramadan mubarak Essay on ramadan mubarak

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