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Another popular schedule variation would be concept 6, this plan divides the school year in to 6 terms. With this plan students go to school for two consecutive terms and then get a term off. Positives of YRE YRE also solves many problems that in current years the educational system has had to deal with, such as over crowded schools, student achievement and knowledge retention, schools being cost effective, teachers being burned out and stressed, and also vandalism. In order to explain the benefits of YRE, I will discuss these aspects more in-depth.

Over Crowded Schools Over crowded schools are occurring more rapidly because the student body is growing. The Year Round Educational schedule solves this problem; use see The school could go multi track and have double occupancy, allowing one track of students and then another to be educated during the entire school year.

This saves schools so much money because instead of having to build another school they use an already furnished school; this also cuts back on the amount of teachers needed as well.

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Advantages to Students and Parents Slower students or those students that have a learning disability are also aided by this program because they can be worked with year round, thus making the shock of going back to school less of an ordeal for students. And also allowing them to progress increasingly faster then they would on a traditional schedule. Students that come from other countries are also aided because they have an easier time learning English and functioning in key classes because there is a smaller window for them to regress.

Parents also benefit by this program because students are in school more, the cost of summer care goes down. And, if they wish during breaks from school the students can take enrichment courses for a small fee, cutting back child care expenses even more. Knowledge Retention Knowledge retention also increases when compared with the traditional schedule. Instead of students being off for three months students are off for a small period of time, making it easier to recall information.

During the three month vacation students will forget a lot of information, which leads to teachers having to go through at least weeks of review before they can even think of moving on to the next section of a subject. Effect on Teachers More frequent breaks also have an effect on the teacher's attitude.

Teachers are less likely to be stressed or burned out when there are several small breaks throughout the school year then, them having to teach for long periods of time without any breaks at all. Attendance for students also goes up with a YRE schedule in place, perhaps because students have more time to relax throughout out the school year.

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Teachers can also use the time available in between sessions to plan new and interesting things to teach students. In a traditional schedule they would have a hard time planning. Teachers also receive more pay due to this system since they are in school teaching more often. Gordon, Vandalism Reduced Vandalism, which is usually an issue during the summer months when the school sit empty; would no longer be such a huge issue once a school went YRE. The reason why vandalism would not be such an issue anymore is for two reasons; the school is hardly every empty except at nights and weekends, decreasing the time available to a student to destroy school grounds.

And with several small breaks students are less tired of school, and their attitude changes, students are more willing to learn.

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Year Round Education may be more cost effective, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a few costs of it's own. The YRE schedule is still held back because students only attend about days a year. And there are other issues that may hold back this system from being implemented.

To give you a means to weigh YRE, I will discuss these aspects for you now. Expenses for YRE The YRE schedule is still held back in regard to other schools in other countries, due to the fact that American students need only to attend days. Meaning that foreign pupils are learning more information in a year then our students because their school year is longer. Of course there are some plans that have students going more then the required days. If schools went YRE then air conditioning would have to be provided in every school. This is another costly expense that would have to be dealt with.

Another issue that I found concerning YRE would be that teachers and the school building become less organized when Year Round Education is implemented. Classrooms are used by different teachers for different courses, meaning that at the end of a term a teacher has to deconstruct her room and find a safe place to store her materials until their next teaching term. Community and Parent Opposition Of course this system has limitations, such as communities opposing YRE for different reasons, which has occurred more then once.

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Reasons that I believe are connected with summer schools and students that just need that extra help, because they have fallen behind. Also if school is in session year round then students lose the opportunity to go to summers camps or get a summer job, both of which allow students to learn and grow in their own right. Disadvantage for students Many students also have a hard time adjusting to the traditional schedule when they get out of elementary school. Closing The purpose of this paper was to discuss year round education in regard to The traditional schedule.

While also identifying the advantages and disadvantages to this system of year round education. In light of the researched points I have provided I hope that you can figure out which system of education is better in your opinion. Year Round Education may not be the answer to all educational problems but it is another option.

The year-round school. Washington D. Hermansen, K. The year-round school: The breakthrough.

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Connecticut: Linnet Books. Magazine: Blackman, Joni H. Are year-round schools better?. Year-round schedule just an idea at Dist. Chicago Daily Herald, Page 3, News. Retrieved from Nexis-Lexis Dec. Gordon, Meghan. Year-round schools offer options Alternative academic calendars gaining popularity in state.

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Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, pp. Retrieved from Nexus-Lexis Dec. Waters, Jen.

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For some it's back to school time. Washington Times, Life-schools, Pg Bo1. Retrieved from Nexus-Lexis Nov. This will stop you losing silly marks! This is a really sure-fire way of making sure your essay is clear enough, as, in my view, clarity is more important than a very sophisticated and elegant style of writing. If not, rework your introduction and essay structure. Save yourself the stress of an all-nighter and write it in advance of the deadline, if at all possible. This is one element of an essay that can really wind students up.

Yes, the same applies to the conclusion. Do not, under any circumstances, add new information to your conclusion. Assume your reader is a bit stupid and use the conclusion as an opportunity to tell them what you have already told them in the essay. No, a spell checker is not enough. Make sure you got through your essay a few times and ask a friend or willing family member to help you with the proofreading too, as they will be able to look at the essay from a different perspective.

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essays for summer hours Essays for summer hours
essays for summer hours Essays for summer hours
essays for summer hours Essays for summer hours
essays for summer hours Essays for summer hours
essays for summer hours Essays for summer hours

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