Communism in poland essay

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Even though key elements of American civics are specifically listed in Bay State law, for the last 25 years educrats have essentially consigned the basic lessons of democratic liberty to school dustbins. History and civics were brushed aside in , when Gov.

The Lessons of My Childhood in Communist Poland are Relevant Again

Since then, Cold War and labor history have been exiled to Siberia in most classrooms. Similarly, most states do not require history tests for most students, and when they do, they do not focus on content knowledge but are increasingly politicized and watered down. This sort of thing is happening across the country. Solidarity, united by opposition to communism, fragmented into dozens of quarreling groups when it had to govern.

The same fragmentation awaits the SLD, held together since by opposition to Solidarity. Once the SLD disintegrates, ideology should fade into the background. Polish voters will be free to choose parties united by a program for the future, rather than by memories of the past. Authors of articles we accept will be notified by telephone. Authors of articles not accepted will be notified by postcard. Already a subscriber? This website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance.

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    Subscribe to continue. Get unlimited Monitor journalism. Learn more. Digital subscription includes: Unlimited access to CSMonitor. In general, there's a strong trend that traditional meals are being defamed by chefs and various tv shows about cooking as they try to see cuisine as an overall experience, not a simple utility. But as the Czech government still since the years of communism provides tax relief to corporation for meal coupons for employees, many common restaurants still make traditional food like various cream sauces with bread dumplings to satisfy this demand of noon guests who attend restaurants with meal coupons instead of canteens in the company and thus take it as the daily routine, not as a special experience.

    Well, I guess their reasoning is that everything that can be put away by the customer like cream layer or extra seasoning really can be put away if the customer does not like it. Onion is the basis for all cream sauces and goulashes that's why it is really used almost everywhere except sweet dishes ;-. I take mildly offended exception to your description of Czech cuisine.

    You start out by saying it wasn't communism's fault and say "Some truly excellent ingredients from their own forests and land - that are promptly and reliably ruined in the kitchen. Newsflash, Czech cuisine, especially the bourgeoius cuisine in pre-communist times was actually varied, nuanced, inspired by a variety of influences from Russia to France, and top-notch by any contemporary European standard.

    What you are describing are precisely the effects communism had. Look up any of the classical cookbooks from the 19th century and you will feel compelled to bang your head against a wall in recognition of your error Indeed you are right : And definitively much better and rather cheaper than the average French cuisine:. Anyway, from Sunday on till the end of the August I am going to test how are things in Umbria.

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    But we may of course assume that the country with a national composer to the name of "Whipped Cream" Smetana and one of whose best-known post foreign ministers had the German last name of "Official Beer" Dienstbier was the well from which all these culinary riches sprang. Hi Josh. It's funny how you and Milovan trace similarity and differences based on nationality or tribe, but the major factor was always geographical and climatic conditions which determined what type of both crop and stock farming could be run, what the crop cycles were and ultimately what dishes could have been prepared to optimally handle available ingredients.

    Our Polish friends mock us because of the dumplings but I was not able to find if they were introduced by Germans or Czechs since there are number of varieties, originally stuffed ones prepared as main dish were cooked from middle ages. The Czech breadcrumb dumpling varieties are supposed to be different from the German ones and were enhanced in the 19th century The situation today in the globalized world has, of course, incomparable. But old habits never die which is best realized when travelling: Like Americans look for McDonald's everywhere as "a safe point" where they can eat known meals that's, BTW, used in psychology to illustrate the "good enough choice" principle , people from our region look for German supermarket chains and Polish private grocery stores as safe points where they can buy familiar food But beware that it's written in archaic Czech ;-.

    Look, Tomas: let's just say that from eggs to beef, from potatoes to pork and from mushrooms to hops, any cultivated or raised source of food coming from Czech lands is top rate. And almost half the time ruined in the kitchen by incompetent cooks. Obviously, Michelin-star chefs are not representative of any country's general cuisine. My mouth is watering already.

    Don't worry - yesterday I convinced a very beautiful and single Italian woman to join me for a quick romantic holiday in Jihocesky at the end of the month. Possibly with others, though. Thanks for reminding me of what I should order. When you get a chance to respond, I would love to hear how your holiday went. How was Umbria other than too expensive Next time, take some time out to visit Trieste or Ljubljana and I will be happy to offer you and pan Forlana-Pilsudski a dinner.

    Trieste and the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region would tend to disprove your theory. In fact, despite sharing weather patterns with the rest of the peninsula, our region's traditional cuisine is basically Austrian. As a Bohemian you would feel right at home.

    Poland's Communists Aren't, Really -

    And as a final comment, let me assure you that I purchased a Bohemian cookbook in Ceske Budejovice a few years ago in Italian language and use it regularly twice a month in the winter. Delicious recipes! Forget Pilsner. Yes, the most prestigious name with the best pedigree.

    But frankly, the after-taste is lousy. Staropramen, Budvar and Krusovice dark are all much superior to Pilsner, although they do not generally travel abroad as much as Urquell. Frankly, even the lesser or minor beers of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia are better than Pilsner. Forced to choose in a pub between Gambrinus and Pilsner I will take the former which is considered one of the lowest forms of Czech beer - and yet Its slight hint of coffee flavour is heaven for us Mediterraneans.

    BTW, I generally quite dislike southern Polish beers. That is to say, those most sold in the country.

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    4. Tyskie and Zywiec are terrible. But I have had "surprisingly" for me good beer in Lomza, Elblag and Gdansk. So my question to you is: Why have northern Polish beers remained so provincial and not more widespread in the country not to mention abroad? My theory is that the Silesians simply drink more beer - and had more money to drink even under Communism, so that their breweries grew bigger and more commercial over the decades. You know that Urquell is made in several locations, and that water quality and taste widely differs in in them? It's funny how you and Milovan trace similarity and differences based on nationality or tribe, ".

      Remember, I just mentioned the similarity in Czech-Austrian-southern German food, which obviously points to a the availability of roughly the same foodstuff and b cultural closeness. So, we agree completely - which you must have missed somehow. Hi Milovan! I wish you have an enjoyable short-trip to Southern Bohemia! Or have you already returned? If not yet, you can check Kudyznudy portal that gathers information about various cultural events in all the regions of the country to see what interesting you can currently see in the region e.

      Thanks for the trip tips! When I was younger, I repeatedly visited the typical holiday sea resorts in the region of northern Italy - Bibione and Caorle which were are popular among Czech tourist because they are one of the nearest southern sea resort. I have very good memories of the stay - pleasant weather, food and people. But as you suggest, I will have to explore the region more in depth in the future Hi Josh! I'm glad we agree but I haven't seen your point about climatic and geographical conditions. I have probably lost it in translation ;-. Milovan has presented an counterexample of his own Friuli-Venezia region cuisine.

      However, as these southern territories are richer on crops, they could include elements from typical cuisines of harsher climate regions more easily than vice versa. At least I bet they didn't have to eat "Kyselo" most of the winter Since the east Asian cultures are a few millenia older than European cultures, my guess would be that they deserve credit for inventing these yummie little "bags for the mouth", and that the recipe made its way west via the big trade routes "silk road" etc.

      Alternative theory: the recipe was invented more than once, at different times in different places - which wouldn't surprise, either, since it's fairly simple. What about the bread? I bet the communists couldn't take that away. I just finished a trip to Germany, where I was able to find good old roggenbrot, whole rye bread, everywhere. I'll bet the Poles didn't lose their taste for real rye bread, even under communism.

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      Communism in poland essay

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