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The wording of this prompt is fairly vague, yet still requires a great deal of detail in its response. For this reason, multiple approaches can be taken to answer this question. Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm your approach to this segment of the essay question:. Perhaps you would like to write about something that was not covered here. The prompt is general for a reason, but you should not abuse that power! Search your mind for experiences related to school, your hobbies, interactions with others, etc.

If you seem to get stuck somewhere along the way, set your brainstorming list aside and come back to it later. You may even come up with something good for your list randomly throughout the day. Aim for at least five or so items for your list, as this will allow you to have sufficient examples for ideas, theme, and creativity. What did you gain from overcoming a failure in one single instance? Through all the different failures in your life, did you finally realize the core problem you had and solve it — and gain wisdom in the process? Did overcoming failure change you in a major way?

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These are just some questions to get you started when answering the second part of the question. Now, think of various connections you can make between the items on your list and the different approaches you are considering for your essay from Step 1. You may choose to draw lines across columns to represent connections between items. Regardless of your preferred method for relating and connecting, you should try to be as specific as possible in naming different approaches for each item you could potentially discuss in your essay.

Eliminate items and ideas on your list based on criteria such as the following:. Remember to apply your creativity and ensure that your tone, diction, and content coalesce into a clear voice. There are so many ways to do this, including but not limited to the following: plunge readers into the action, write about something seemingly random that then relates to the rest of your essay, or start off with a relevant quotation.

Then, craft the body of your essay with what you brainstormed. You may choose to do this in the following ways: set your essay into a larger context, reference something you discussed in your first paragraph your attention-grabber is ideal for this , write a pithy and short final sentence, etc. As you can see, there are countless ways you can approach the beginning and the end!

You may come up with even more ways on your own. Once you are done with your first essay draft, read through it multiple times by yourself for edits. Have teachers, parents, and mentors aid you in your essay editing as well.

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It is also important to consider the connotations and common associations of the word: guidance, management, passion, power, etc. Think of the following questions when writing out ideas: During what specific instances in your life have you demonstrated leadership? Do you exhibit leadership very often, maybe even in everyday life?

Are you always the first to step up and lead, or does taking a leadership role require you to step out of your comfort zone? When does the leader in you come out strongest or most frequently? Keep this in mind: Like the last essay prompt, this prompt is a bit vague. This vague question opens up a lot of doors for how you may approach your essay, but make sure that there is an unquestionable connection between your response and the original question.

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Now that you have your ideas finalized, you may begin writing your essay! See step 6 of question 1 for tips on how to do this, including ways to begin and end your essay. Remember to be as specific as possible throughout the process of crafting this essay. Brainstorming is key for this essay! Why do you hope to attend the University of Pittsburgh? Why is it a good fit for you?

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Be honest and jot down all the contributing reasons for your interest in the school. Regardless of your reason s , be as thorough and honest as you can. We advise that you refrain from adding blunt or distasteful reasons for why you want to attend this school e. The answers you brainstorm for this question should be very specific. Keep in mind that thousands and thousands of applicants will be submitting very similar reasons for wanting to attend this school, so you need to a stand out and b seem genuinely interested and knowledgeable about the school.

It is highly recommended that you conduct some research on the school for a very thorough and personal list of reasons for wanting to attend. If you do choose to incorporate research, as most of you likely will, be sure not to sound like a robot reciting researched facts! Be as genuine as possible, and simply use relevant facts to lightly support your reasons for liking the University of Pittsburgh in the first place. Consider every point you jotted down on the list. By now, you should have a clear idea of the reasons you will incorporate and the clear writing style you will use when writing this essay.

You may choose to narrow down and finalize your reasons based on criteria similar to the following:. You may also realize at this point that no matter what, some ideas may be hard to weave into your essay due to how common or unspecific they are to the University of Pittsburgh. For example, thousands of students applying to the University of Pittsburgh may say that they are interested in the school for its location in bustling Pittsburgh. It appears the Common App personal statement will replace the two word prompts Michigan State had last year.

We will confirm when they release the application. Attach a one-page Personal Essay: Tell us about yourself. Why are you interested in participating in the Redwine Honors Program? Penn State will accept the Common App this year. Penn State's Schreyer Honors College released their prompts and all three are different. The university has yet to release their prompts; we will update this page when they release the prompts. The Schreyer Honors College prompts do not list a word limit at this time. The Seven Wonders of the World is a well-known list highlighting spectacular natural phenomena or man-made structures.

Please describe the Seven Wonders of your world: They could include people, places, events, or things that have significantly affected who you are. Prompt 1: [same] For Pomona students, the College's location in Southern California is integral in shaping their experience.

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Tell us about a location, real or fictional, that has shaped you in a meaningful way. Dating from , the gates remain a potent symbol today as we welcome every new class of students to enter them together.

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If you were to inscribe a fourth quality into the gates to describe students who enter Pomona today, which adjective would you choose? What quality would you want your Pomona peers to share, and why? Prompt 3: Oscar Wilde said that there are two tragedies in life: not getting what one wants and getting it. Tell us about an experience of not getting what you wanted or getting it and why it was a tragedy. What is your world like?

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As a result, what characteristics, beliefs, or values will you bring with you when you begin college, and how does this help us understand who you are? You can respond to this prompt with an essay of at least words, a collection of photos, a video response up to 90 seconds long , or something else from your Locker.

If you choose to submit a collection of photos, or if your video response does not include narration, please also include a short statement telling us what you hope we will learn from your submission. Please respond to one of the following three prompts with a written response of at least words. Prompt 1: [same] How do you interact with those around you?

This could be your family, a team, a class, a club, etc.

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Prompt 2: [same] How do you approach learning? Tell us about an experience with a learning process. This can be a description of a personal or academic project and the stages it involved. What did you discover? Prompt 3: [same] Our individual differences are what make us unique and can sometimes make us stand out. Write about a time when you were aware of your difference.

How did it impact you, and what did you learn from the experience? A word essay describing an incident, person, or book that has had an important influence on your life. Those interested in joining the program are urged to complete their applications for undergraduate admission to St. Top applicants will be invited by mail to make a separate application to the Honors Program. To complete their honors applications, candidates will participate in an interview by long distance if necessary and write an imaginary letter of recommendation describing themselves from the perspective of a scrupulously honest external observer.

Reflect on an idea or experience that makes you genuinely excited about learning.

university of pittsburgh application essay length University of pittsburgh application essay length
university of pittsburgh application essay length University of pittsburgh application essay length
university of pittsburgh application essay length University of pittsburgh application essay length
university of pittsburgh application essay length University of pittsburgh application essay length
university of pittsburgh application essay length University of pittsburgh application essay length

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