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Rfid And Its Impact On The Supply Chain Management System

The festivities included the university gala concert.

The image carousel below gives some glimpses from the celebrations. Greater differences in study results between schools and increased segregation. These are examples of what the marketisation of the education system in Sweden has led to. He brings with him his family and a large part of his research group. Physics researcher and LiU master's alumna Nashwa Eassa has a vision — that women in Sudan will gain equal opportunities for education and research as men.

BTH 1704 Bachelor Thesis - Logistics Management / Supply Chain Management

The next major demonstration of autonomous sea rescue is being planned here. Researchers and technologists, doctoral students and undergraduates — everyone is working towards the same goal. When we drink a glass of water, we ingest an unknown amount of by-products that are formed in the treatment process. Researchers have been able to detect new compounds — where every water treatment plant has a unique combination.

Improvements in energy efficiency in industry often give rise to large positive secondary effects.

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Even so, these added values are seldom given weight when considering whether to reduce energy consumption. Now the winner is crowned. It is important that the management is fully familiar with their system, understands the requirements, and ensures that the flow, the logistics, function properly.

Healthcare guarantee There are, however, some good examples. They manage the exceptions as individual cases, rather than managing all cases as exceptions. The healthcare guarantee was instituted to shorten healthcare waiting times.

The hospitals focus on ensuring that a certain number of patients undergo surgery within a certain number of days. The problem is that the period is counted from the time at which all investigations have been completed, and not from the time at which the patient first contacts the healthcare organisation. Healthcare a social system In her doctoral project she has regarded healthcare organisations as social systems, and has subsequently coupled system theories with the theories that are used within logistics. She has then carried out many interviews to find out how the system works, from the first contact of the patient with the healthcare system until the last.

She has investigated the path that patient cases take to the ward, how the transfer proceeds, how care planning is carried out, the subsequent destination of the patient case, and so on. Most interesting from a flow-analysis perspective are the transfers, since the healthcare organisations are currently divided according to medical speciality. No one has overall responsibility for the system, and it is here that major benefits can be won, according to the thesis.

A change in one part affects other parts of the system. In the healthcare system, many interacting units are striving towards the same goal: cost-effective patient care. At the moment, however, they all act as isolated efficient islands. A patient may have been in the system for months, but even so the next element along the chain of care knows nothing about him or her. What is principally needed is summary data, aggregated data, that demonstrate patient flows through the healthcare system with time.

An issue for the management Healthcare organisations must be made more effective, and this is fully possible. The thesis shows how it is possible to analyse and get to know how things work, in order to achieve higher care chain effectiveness. Effective care chains also lead to better patient flows. The challenge lies in being able to use the economies of scale for high medical quality offered by central operations while maintaining sufficient flexibility to be able to share resources and provide care rapidly.

They are subject to a requirement to work efficiently, but are not told how. She sees her thesis as a call for the healthcare organisations to adopt and use knowledge in logistics in order to understand how the flow of patients can become more effective and waiting times shorter. They have to learn to see the total patient cases, and construct flows based on this. Principal supervisor: Professor Mats Abrahamsson.

Managing reverse logistics or reversing logistics management?

Translation George Farrants. Logistics- and quality management in health We challenge health care sector to improve the quality of services and flow efficiency by employing industrial concept and without increasing costs. Large-scale board game will increase knowledge about climate change LiU researcher Ola Leifler is organising a megagame in April , designed to provide insights into the effects of climate change.

Human medicines affect fish behaviour Human medicines that act on important signal systems in the brain make fish bolder, shows a new study by researchers at LiU. Chains of atoms move at lightning speed inside metals A phenomenon that has been seen when researchers simulate the properties of planet cores at extreme pressures has now been observed in pure titanium at atmospheric pressure. How energy renovations of older buildings can reduce energy use Energy renovation of older multi-family buildings can nearly halve energy use.

A robot politely gets out of the way We are far from being able to coexist with flying robots in our urban landscapes, but one of the demonstrations this year within the WASP arena for public safety was a drone that politely gets out of the way when a person walks towards it. High blood pressure at maximal exercise may signal good fitness Is it dangerous to have high blood pressure when exercising? Antidepressant medications appear to be generally safe Antidepressants are generally safe, according to a new study by an international team of researchers.

LiU seminars to focus on human rights LiU is to hold three seminars on human rights in October. Model aircraft to improve flight testing Roger Larsson presents a doctoral thesis in which he has looked at several methods to optimise the modelling methods used to test and develop aircraft. Monkeys like alcohol at low concentrations Fruit-eating monkeys show a preference for concentrations of alcohol found in fermenting fruit, but they do not seem to use alcohol as a source of supplementary calories, according to a new study.

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Countries see opportunities in climate measures Researchers at LiU have investigated the ways in which countries describe climate change and the measures for addressing it: Is it a threat or an opportunity? Pay a digital deposit on a coffee mug in Studenthuset A digital coffee mug. Sharpened criticism for research misconduct Two previous LiU researchers are guilty of research misconduct. Does local food increase cancer risk in glassworks areas? More operations are scheduled if doctor is well rested Researchers have investigated how orthopaedic surgeons make decisions regarding surgery.

Machine learning will improve knowledge of inequalities in society Researchers at the Institute for Analytical Sociology have been awarded SEK 13 million to use machine learning to provide in-depth knowledge about inequalities in society. Welcome indoors, solar cells Swedish and Chinese scientists have developed organic solar cells optimised to convert ambient indoor light to electricity.

A laboratory full of bright ideas New ideas are always popping up and being tested in the Laboratory of Organic Electronics. A fish in the service of science Which treatment will benefit this patient best? Slow progress in Bangladesh's textile industry The working conditions and safety of employees in the textile industry in Bangladesh have improved. Wow — what a week!

Master thesis | Master in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Major successes for multidisciplinary research at LiU The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research has granted SEK million for research in the interface between technology and medicine. Studenthuset is opened For a while, it seemed that one of the star guests to the opening was not going to turn up.

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Coming soon — the Kalas event Thursday 5 September is the date. The right dose to the right person Malin Lindqvist Appell develops tools to tailor the treatment of leukaemia and inflammatory bowel disease. Here the research is in the walls Moisture is a problem that can be both expensive and difficult for property owners.

Old furniture gets new life in Studenthuset Sustainability and good environmental practices have been guiding principles for Studenthuset since it was in the conceptual phase. Genetic risk is associated with differences in gut microbiome Children with a high genetic risk of developing type 1 diabetes have different gut microbiomes than children with a low risk, according to a new study.

Digital twins — an aid to tailor medication to individual patients Advanced computer models of diseases can be used to improve diagnosis and treatment. Autonomous vehicles learn to find the best path Kristoffer Bergman, doctoral student in Automatic Control, describes in his licentiate thesis methods to enable autonomous vehicles find the fastest or most energy-efficient path from starting point to a destination, even if obstacles are in the way.

Self-injuring young girls overestimate negative feedback in social media simulation Adolescent girls who self-injure feel that they receive more negative feedback than they actually receive, and are more sensitive to thumbs down responses, compared to other girls. The interlayers help perovskite crystallisation for light-emitting diodes Scientists at LiU working with colleagues from China have shown how to achieve efficient perovskite light-emitting diodes LEDs. Please see guidelines for writing Bachelor thesis. Up to three hours of tutoring is offered each group of students collaborating on the same Bachelor thesis.

The seminars are mandatory and students not attending and does not participate according to curriculum must be prepared for oral hearing. Eviews and other relevant programs will be used for data analysis. Information searches in data bases and on the internet will be central to the exercise. Two years of college education in economics and business administration, marketing or equivalent is required for taking the course. A course of 1 ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of hours. Therefore a course of 15 ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of at least hours.

Hopp til hovedinnhold. Course coordinator:. Analyzing logistical industry as well as corporate social responsibility. Impact of inventory when it comes to the logistics industry. The impact that information technology has upon the logistics industry. Analyzing whether the increase of the concept concerned with intermodal, international logistics is impacting the functioning of various manufacturing companies?

Thesis Workshop 2 - Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Logistics & Management

What is the impact of transportation on the logistics industry? Does warehousing have a role to play when it comes to the logistics industry? Looking at the value chain strategy concerned with the logistic industry within the United Kingdom. Analyzing the various logistics operations pursued within certain manufacturing organizations.

Analyzing the principles concerned with logistics management by evaluating this within an environment regarded as being practical.

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