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Following shortly after the High Holy Days of the New Year celebration, the eight-day festival gives thanks to God for the harvest. Special booths, or huts, are constructed to recall the period of the Exodus, recounted in the Hebrew Scriptures, when the Israelites lived in huts in the desert before entering the Promised Land. The four-day festival of Pongal is a celebration of the rice harvest period. Held after the winter solstice, it celebrates the return of longer days of life-giving sunlight.

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It is similar to other festivals held in South and Southeast Asia, but Pongal also called Thai Pongal, Thai being the name for January in the Tamil calendar is celebrated mainly by Tamil-speaking people. You are using an outdated browser.

Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security. The harvest season falls at different times of the year depending upon region, climate, and crop, but festivals celebrating its arrival are held the world over. The green mango leaves tied to the doorway signify a good crop and general well being. People also splash fresh cow dung water on the ground in front of their house and draw colourful floral designs. This is a common sight in every household. People perform the ritualistic worship to God invoking his blessings before they start off with the New Year.

They pray for their health, wealth and prosperity and success in business too. Ugadi is also the most auspicious time to start new ventures. According to the traditions and rituals, preparations for the day of Ugadi begins a day or two prior to the actual date with ritualistic washing and cleaning of the houses, every inch and corner.

Shopping for decorative items and new clothes to wear on the day is also an important custom that has been followed since one can remember. When the day dawns, ritualistic showers or oil baths are taken by the devotees; followed by prayers and chanting of mantras to facilitate good tidings in the year ahead. It is also believed that any venture that is started on this day ends in a success.

After the baths, people start decorating their homes with colourful rangolis or Kolams that are drawn in the front and stringing together mango leaves on the doors and windows. According to an ancient tradition, people flock at the temples to listen to the predictions made by the pundits; this tradition is known as Panchanga Sravanam, which is still very popular as devotees eagerly wait for yearly forecast to be made. However, with the advent of technology and vast media coverage, many people prefer to watch this event on their television sets at homes.

Fairs & Festivals in Karnataka

Spring is the season for the King of Fruit that is Mango, the fragrance of the ripe mangoes spreads all around and the blossomed neem tree purifies the area. There are many special dishes made by adding Jaggery that is made from fresh sugar cane. Ugadi Pachchadi is a special dish that is compulsorily made from pieces of raw mangos. Neem flowers, tamarind and jaggery.

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The significance behind this dish is that life is a mixture of sorrow, joy, bad and good and we have to face this. After setting of the sun, again the next day it rises. All the experiences are a part of life. Men should ascent above happiness, sorrow, failure and success. The special dishes like Pulihora, Bobbaltu and other dishes made up of raw mangoes are prepared in Andhra Pradesh.

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  5. Kavi Sammelanam also known as Poetry Recitation is also held. This is a typical feature of Telugu Ugadi. Ugadi is also the festival for the poetry lovers and the poets. Many famous poets attend this festival to read their new work and discuss it amongst the other poets present at the Kavi Sammelan. The subjects ranges from politics to lifestyles and modern trends. Ugadi Sammelan is considered to be the launching pad for many of the new budding poets.

    Poets from all walks of life and hues come here to participate in these cultural fests. The subjects range from satirical, literary, melancholic, political, reformist and comic. Karnataka celebrates Ugadi festival in a grand manner. It is a grand festival for Kannadigas as any other people celebrate their respective new years.

    The day starts with a ritual elaborate oil bath. The bath is followed by wearing new cloths and offering prayers to the family, village, favorite and other deities. The doors especially the main entrance door will be decorated with festoons, flower garlands, bale kamba plantain stems with leaves will be tied.

    Fresh mango leaf bunches will be tied on either side f the main door and other doors. Fresh mango leaf thorana will be tied on the sill top cross panel of the door frame. As to the reason for tying the mango leaves is the reason attributed to the liking of mangoes by Subramanya Karthikeaya or Kumara and Ganesha.

    They are the sons of Lord Siva and goddess Parvathy. It is said that Karthikeaya suggested to people to tie the fresh mango leaves to the door way. This is to symbolize the wish for a good crop and prosperity of the family. Ugadi or the New Year come after the Holi celebrations are over and it is time for the change of the climate to the spring. The spring season is supposed to be the first season of the year heralding new life of the year. In the evening children enjoy with fireworks, they are also given money by elderly people at home.

    Christian Festivals Celebrated

    In some villages group of young boys and girls entertain people wearing skirt made out of banana leaves and a mask. Laden with a series of activities both spiritual and fun-filled Vishu festival is a most awaited festival in Kerala. It is said to bring in prosperity along with joy. Prayers are offered to Lord Vishnu for his blessings and every care is taken to keep the ambience spiritual. The puja room has the specially made Vishukanni also known as Kanai Kanni arranged on anUruli.

    Gold coins and metal mirror are arranged in the Uruli along with special yellow coloured flowers, golden colour fruits like jackfruit and banana along with vegetables are placed.

    5 Harvest Festivals Around the World |

    Akshatam made of turmeric and rice is considered to be very sacred for any puja. On Vishu morning family member see Vishukanni as the first sight and thereafter the day begins.

    Mysore Dasara 2017 : Significance behind Navaratri Festival - Oneindia Kannada

    Various items veppampoorasam bitter , mampazhappulissery sour , Vishu kanji salty and Vishukatti sweet comprise of the sadhya Vishu feast. Children spend the day in excitement of wearing new clothes and they celebrate evening with firecrackers. Giving money to kids is also an important aspect of Vishu festival. People make merry in the evening by singing and dancing. The day is an eventful one and Hindu Malayalese look forward to this festival every year. On the similar lines of Vishu Punjabis celebrate this day as Baishakhi.

    Even though the name varies the essence on every festival is the same.

    essay on festivals in kannada Essay on festivals in kannada
    essay on festivals in kannada Essay on festivals in kannada
    essay on festivals in kannada Essay on festivals in kannada
    essay on festivals in kannada Essay on festivals in kannada
    essay on festivals in kannada Essay on festivals in kannada
    essay on festivals in kannada Essay on festivals in kannada

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