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How there is head and tail for a coin, the effect of western culture has changed Indian youth a lot.. What should India adopt modernization or westernization Essay Essay Topic: The question here arises is what should India opt for?.

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Article shared by.. Impact of Westernisation on Indian Society.

It also continued to expand in India, Changes due to westernization: The better age accumulation affective appear the westernization is teenagers. Indian adeptness is dematerialization in their lives and Analytical Essay Topics and. Essay on the impact of western culture on India. Civilizations do meet and even merge but never has such an impact been witnessed as the impact of the west on India.. In , Tsar Peter I forced his way into power in Russia. Better known as Peter the Great, he overthrew his half-sister's regime and took control of the state.. The British ousting from the Indian subcontinent in no way meant Globalization has not only inculcated the westernization in India, Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture.

Related Topics.. This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. How Iran Became Westernised. Westernization should not affect the This essay presents organizations in India which are trying to retain and attract female workers within the nation by solving their problems that.

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There are many differences between Indian Culture and Western Culture. Topics list. Administrative Write short notes on Endogamy, Westernization and Gender.

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Srinivas concedes that to describe the social changes occurring in modern India in terms of sanskritisation and westernisation is to describe it primarily in cultural and not in structural terms. The analysis in terms of structure is much more difficult than an analysis in terms of culture. He is correct when he says that sanskritisation involves positional change in the caste system without producing any structural change.

Sanskritisation and Westernisation are representative concepts which oscillate between the logic of ideal- typical and nominal definitions of phenomena. Hence, their connotations are vague and hazy. Srinivas says that sanskritisation is an extremely complex and heterogeneous concept.

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He argues that it would be profitable to treat it as a bundle of concepts rather than a single concept depicting cultural change in Indian social system. He says that it is only a name tag for wide spread cultural changes and the change processes. This is why sanskritisation and westernisation fail to contribute to a theory of cultural change.

As he says the heterogeneity of the concept of sanskritisation subsumes mutually antagonistic values. Obviously sanskritisation and westernisation are theoretically weak terms but as truth-finding concept they have great appropriateness. Sanskritisation as a process of cultural change was operative in certain areas and in respect of low caste Hindus. Sanskritisation is a meta concept.

It is also a primary concept which describes a particular set of substantive processes of cultural changes in India. Sanskritisation and westernisation are founded upon empirical observations and objective insight into some aspects of cultural change. Sometimes difficulties arise from the complexity of the contextual frame of reference.

In historical specifics sense, sanskritisation is a concept loaded with historical connotations, but in contextual specific usage it tends to show many attributes of the functional concept. Sanskritisation fails to account for many aspects of cultural changes in past and contemporary India as it neglects the non-sanskritic traditions. It may be noted that often the non-sanskritic elements of culture may be a localised form of sanskritic tradition.

Sanskritic influence has not been universal to all parts of the country and also among all sections of the population. The term westernization is also not without complications. It is equated with British impact on Indian society and culture.

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The term westernisation has a pejorative connotation because of its association with formal colonial domination by the Western counties, Westernisation is more value-loaded than the term modernisation. Srinivas considers westernisation as a prelude to sanskritisation. He is of the view that the Brahmans and other higher castes people got into white collar jobs because of their sanskritic tradition.

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Srinivas thinks that in Indian situation people attempt to be westernised so as to sanskritise their culture and lifestyle. Westernisation in India commenced with the advent of British people whose culture was different. The culture of the English was totally different from that of the indigenous people of India. Queen Elizabeth granted a royal charter to the British Company to trade in the east, including India in December 31, The Company opened its first factory in Orissa in The East India Company gradually attempted to acquire political power and on 23rd June, the Company army defeated the army of Siraj-ud-Daulah at Plassey.

The British rule commenced in India systematically from this time onwards. Mecaulay was entirely responsible to design the system of education for Indians in India.

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On the basis of recommendations of Lord Macaulay primary schools were established in British pattern with some modifications to prepare Indians to assist the British in their administration. British system of liberal education which was introduced in India to establishment of 3 Universities in the 3 Presidencies, namely, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai. Western liberal education gradually brought about changes in technology, social institutions, ideology and values.

essay on westernization in india Essay on westernization in india
essay on westernization in india Essay on westernization in india
essay on westernization in india Essay on westernization in india
essay on westernization in india Essay on westernization in india
essay on westernization in india Essay on westernization in india
essay on westernization in india Essay on westernization in india

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