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In the outline, conclusion and introduction of your papers you have to mention the reasons and consequences of Global Warming, as well as the ways to prevent it. The rising global temperature will cause sea level rise and will extend areas of salinization of groundwater and estuaries , resulting in a decrease in freshwater availability for humans and ecosystems in coastal areas. The exposure of rising sea level will push the salt gradient into freshwater deposits and will eventually pollute freshwater sources.

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In an assessment of the scientific literature , Kundzewicz et al. Freshwater has become an aiding factor for industrialization in this modern era. It has many uses other than drinking including: domestic use, irrigation, livestock, aquaculture, industrial, mining, public supply, and thermoelectric. These are only some of the general uses of freshwater that further complicate freshwater quality. These components take a large quantity of freshwater to implement into technology. The amount of freshwater being allocated towards technology results for about half of the natural freshwater resource that is actually available to us.

With all of these different factors using the freshwater resource that accounts for less than one percent it should be of concern. Current water energy regulations are being made to switch to less energy intensive processes. In turn, lowering water use has a direct link with energy use, significantly lowering amount of emissions. Water is needed to produce energy while energy is needed to "produce" water. General circulation models project that the future climate change will bring wetter coasts, drier mid-continent areas, and further sea level rise.

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Migration related to climate change is likely to be predominantly from rural areas in developing countries to towns and cities. It has been argued that environmental degradation, loss of access to resources e. For example, Wilbanks et al. Scott et al. A study found that significant climatic changes were associated with a higher risk of conflict worldwide, and predicted that "amplified rates of human conflict could represent a large and critical social impact of anthropogenic climate change in both low- and high-income countries.

Military planners are concerned that global warming is a "threat multiplier". These challenges may threaten stability in much of the world". Global losses reveal rapidly rising costs due to extreme weather-related events since the s. It is difficult to quantify the relative impact of socio-economic factors and climate change on the observed trend. The total economic impacts from climate change are highly uncertain. Most studies assessed by Smith et al.

This assessment is consistent with the findings of more recent studies, as reviewed by Hitz and Smith Economic impacts are expected to vary regionally. In the National Bureau of Economic Research found that increase in average global temperature by 0. Following the Paris Agreement, thereby limiting the temperature increase to 0.

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Aggregate impacts have also been quantified in non-economic terms. For example, climate change over the 21st century is likely to adversely affect hundreds of millions of people through increased coastal flooding, reductions in water supplies, increased malnutrition and increased health impacts.

In , Breakthrough released a report describing a climate change doomsday scenario by if we don't act soon. It went on to say that "irreversible damage" is happening to global climate systems which may result "in a world of chaos where political panic is the norm and we are on a path facing the end of civilisation". It's not extreme and it's totally believable if serious action isn't taken.

In response to the threat posed by global warming, in some media outlets began using the term climate crisis instead of climate change [] while a few countries declared a climate emergency. Our lives and civilization as we know it are at stake, just as they were in the Second World War. With very high confidence, Rosenzweig et al.

By the year , ecosystems will be exposed to atmospheric CO 2 levels substantially higher than in the past , years, and global temperatures at least among the highest of those experienced in the past , years. The stresses caused by climate change, added to other stresses on ecological systems e. Climate change has been estimated to be a major driver of biodiversity loss in cool conifer forests, savannas , mediterranean-climate systems, tropical forests , in the Arctic tundra , and in coral reefs. A literature assessment by Fischlin et al.

Assessing whether future changes in ecosystems will be beneficial or detrimental is largely based on how ecosystems are valued by human society.

Physical, ecological and social systems may respond in an abrupt, non-linear or irregular way to climate change. A quantitative entity behaves "irregularly" when its dynamics are discontinuous i. Irregular behaviour in Earth systems may give rise to certain thresholds, which, when crossed, may lead to a large change in the system.

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Some singularities could potentially lead to severe impacts at regional or global scales. It is possible that human-induced climate change could trigger large-scale singularities, but the probabilities of triggering such events are, for the most part, [] poorly understood. With low to medium confidence, Smith et al.

Since the assessment by Smith et al. It says also that when fighting those problems, each action, even taken locally, is important. Climate change may have an effect on the carbon cycle in an interactive "feedback" process. A feedback exists where an initial process triggers changes in a second process that in turn influences the initial process. A positive feedback intensifies the original process, and a negative feedback reduces it.

This estimate was made with high confidence. On the other hand, with medium confidence, Schneider et al. The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation AMOC is an important component of the Earth's climate system, characterized by a northward flow of warm, salty water in the upper layers of the Atlantic and a southward flow of colder water in the deep Atlantic. Warming is still expected to occur over most of the European region downstream of the North Atlantic Current in response to increasing GHGs, as well as over North America.

Emissions of GHGs are a potentially irreversible commitment to sustained radiative forcing in the future. CO 2 is the most important anthropogenic GHG. This commitment may not be truly irreversible should techniques be developed to remove CO 2 or other GHGs directly from the atmosphere, or to block sunlight to induce cooling.

Little is known about the effectiveness, costs or potential side-effects of geoengineering options. Human-induced climate change may lead to irreversible impacts on physical, biological, and social systems. This language is intended to provide an indication of the level of confidence that IPCC authors have about a particular finding.

The qualitative language used to describe uncertainty has a quantitative scale associated with it. The quantitative values for qualitative terms are intended to ensure that confidence levels are interpreted correctly. This is because qualitative statements, e. Confidence levels used in the TAR: []. Confidence statements made in AR4 are listed below: []. IPCC [] uses the following terms: "very low", "low", "medium", "high", and "very high confidence".

The quantitative values used by IPCC authors are "subjective" probabilities, [] [] [] also known as "personalist" or " Bayesian " probabilities, [] and reflect the expert judgement of IPCC authors. In this formulation, probability is not only a function of an event, but also the state of information that is available to the person making the assessment.

The IPCC also uses another scale to describe the likelihood of a particular event occurring.

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For example, the judgement that an event is improbable e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is primarily about effects during the 21st century. For longer-term effects, see Long-term effects of global warming. See also Effects of global warming on humans. Describes the effects created by global warming. See also: Attribution of recent climate change. Global mean surface temperature change since , relative to the — mean.

The graph above shows the average of a set of temperature simulations for the 20th century black line , followed by projected temperatures for the 21st century based on three greenhouse gas emissions scenarios colored lines. Main article: Physical impacts of climate change. See also: Retreat of glaciers since Main article: Effects of global warming on oceans. Main article: Current sea level rise.

See also: Future sea level. Main article: Regional effects of global warming. Temperatures across the world in the s left and the s right , as compared to average temperatures from to Projected changes in average temperatures across the world in the s under three greenhouse gas GHG emissions scenarios.

Essays global warming effects
Essays global warming effects
Essays global warming effects
Essays global warming effects
Essays global warming effects
Essays global warming effects

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