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The separation is what takes effort to uphold -- and it's mostly done by people whose right to exist in this space isn't questioned. Some of us have been outsiders for a while, constantly proving that we belong in the sports world. My answer is usually very simple: "I was a New Yorker growing up two subway stops away from Yankee Stadium in the '90s. How could I not be a sports fan? Even when the communities surrounding these beautiful games were decidedly exclusionary, even when they told us we didn't belong. It often feels like my status as a sports fan is questioned as a coded way to question my status as an American.

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I'm aware of those implications now more than ever, when our divisions based on race, gender, class, education, religion, geography, have been manipulated into an ever-narrowing definition of what it means to be an American, to be a patriot. I have to ask whether a white man who grew up in the suburbs would be asked how he "got to be a sports fan.

But the ability of sports to unite along political lines, racial lines, gender lines, religious lines, class lines -- that has always been there. Years earlier, across an ocean, South Africa won the Rugby World Cup behind Nelson Mandela's pleas for national unity and reconciliation after decades of apartheid. Sports' potential to unite has always been there, and so has the ability to recognize when all of these seemingly disparate worlds intersect.

Watching sports with no eye toward the political, or the racial, or the gendered, or what have you, is a privilege many of us have never been afforded, simply because we were perceived as outsiders to mainstream institutions. And it's not limited to sports. It's no more possible for a survivor of sexual assault to unemotionally watch her team bring on a player accused of rape than it is for a descendant of Irish immigrants to unemotionally read "Angela's Ashes. The plain fact is that many people are now coming around to the realization that sports can't just be taken at face value.

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Even football has lost its importance to a great extent except for Goa and West Bengal; no other states are interested in football. New controversies arise almost every week. The most recent embarrassment to Indian sport is the suspension due to the fact that officials tainted by corruption charges win influential positions. For example Lalit Bhanot, who spent 11 months in prison after allegations of corruption following the games, was elected as Secretary General of the Indian Olympic Association. It is really shocking to see politicians and ex-bureaucrats holding positions as Chairman and Committee members for several decades most of them having no clue about the sport in general With the government of India pumping several crore rupees into the various sports bodies for promoting sports and encouraging the sportsmen, these sports bodies have become fertile ground for the politicians and ex-bureaucrats to make money.

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Dynasties seem to rule Indian sport. The Chautala brothers Abhay Singh and Ajay Singh have heralded an era of total politicization of the sports federations. Between them, the two brothers control the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation and the table tennis federation of India. He was replaced as president by his cousin, CP Singh Deo. Similarly is the case of N Ramachandran, vice-president of the Indian Triathlon Federation his wife is the president. Jadgish Tytler, a Congress leader, has been at the helm of the Judo Federation of India for nearly 20 years on a trot.

At the junior levels, our boys and girls can compete with the best in the world in almost every sport. However when it comes to the senior levels, where the actual capabilities of our sportsperson are tested, we fail miserably. Even though, huge amount is spent on training and grooming of the players we still have not been able to achieve the desired results.

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Due to this many time a good player is left out. The government and the Respective athletic boards are the main culprit for letting down India. Most of them are corrupt, lack professionalism and very biased. However the fundamental problem lies in the absence of a sporting culture in India. This explains to a large extent, the apathy on the part of the government machinery towards sports. The corporate indifference too stems from the fact that they are not sure that the sponsorship money will be efficiently used in promoting the game and the welfare of the players. Those who suffer due to such sordid conditions are the athletes, who have the talent and desire to compete and excel themselves in the international arena but they need to be given proper grooming and training which they have been denied.

The ugly conditions in the sports bodies have been repeatedly revealed by several stories such as the coaches misbehaving with women athletes, selecting people in the team based on favoritism and bribes etc. People in India have been watching helplessly and with sadness, while the sports authorities have been behaving as if they are not accountable to anybody and neither the government nor anyone else can touch them. I think that either u dont like India or u dont like sports. Some of it was just your perception. If u may know, football thrives in Mumbai and Kerala. Many foreign soccer schools are coming to India.

Many people are getting their diploma in coaching. With foreign investors showing great interest, sports in India is bound to rise. Why else would 4 pages in a newspaper still be dedicated to Sports? And if your so determined on slaying politicians et al, what happened to Mr Kalmadi? The meaning of cultural internationalisation included the information availed by people, expansion of views, more cosmopolitan citizens with education.

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The contexts like east and west also influence the nationalism of sports. The concept of geographically divide is unnecessarily chanted by few who try to change the thoughts of majority people. Differences in industrial, modern industrial and specific sports traditions and various types of cultures also affect the sports nationalism. Studies conducted with the question on multiple citizens that how you feel about the winning of your team at Olympics.

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Majority of the respondent frequently replied, as they are prideful on the achievement of their team, they will remain proud until the next match between players of their state with the other. The countries of western Europe are less in sports nationalism than United States, New Zealand, and Australia as their level of nationalistic sports ideas is high than other nations of the world.

A short history of athletes speaking out about politics

The states of Eastern Europe are above the average ideas of sports patriotism. For example, Czech Republic is lesser in sports nationalism than that of Poland, which has increased the number of patriotic nationalist living over there.

Developing states like dominion republic, Philippine and South Africa are sports nationalist countries Nauright, Regarding the Asian states, Israel and Japan are below the average while South Korea remains the sport nationalist country. Certain are the factors, which contributed to the sociology of the sports.

The sociologists of the sports understood the phenomena of patriotism with the case-oriented and historical context and failed to note the individual characteristics. It also opens to the interplay among individual and the collective factors. The essential of sports along with other issues like political or nationalist issues indicates the common phenomena. Two question of sports sociologist can shed the lights on the issues that why games are popular in some countries and not in the other states. The answer to these questions is discussed above along with the nature, type, culture and collective approach of the respective countries.

Patriotism consists of the positive and negative characteristics. There are specific pros and cons of nationalism, which influence the people inside and outside of any state. Humans created their idea of the cultural divide, which is causing numerous issues around the world. Excessive pride of one country on its values posed a very adverse effect on the people of another state. Nowadays nationalism gains to the height of popularity and the results are before us.

Nationalism has created a competition among different countries, which could lead to the war.

In this, nuclearise world these ideas are not suitable as the small mistake by one nation could result in the vanishing millions of people Persson, We have experienced World War I, which was based on the nationalistic ideas. European people had a lot of pride, over the honesty they believed was not there in the world.

politics in sports essay Politics in sports essay
politics in sports essay Politics in sports essay
politics in sports essay Politics in sports essay
politics in sports essay Politics in sports essay
politics in sports essay Politics in sports essay
politics in sports essay Politics in sports essay
politics in sports essay Politics in sports essay

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