Ib history wwi essay questions

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ib history wwi essay questions

Report post. Posted March 29, Hey guys, I am doing my Extended Essay in History. This is what I have done so far: Introduction: Introduction to why this topic is significant World War I being such a dramatic event in the 20th century and some background info on the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

I have also written about the key terms in my research question such as the definitons of cause and catalyst. This section is approx words Investigation: I have split this up to into 2 parts, firstly "The assassination caused Austria-Hungary to attack Serbia" and "The assassination was a catalyst for World War I". In the cause part, I have written about the desire for Serbia to break free and create their own "Yugolslavia" as well as the Balkan wars as one of the main reasons that Austria-Hungary decided to attack Serbia.

In the catalyst part, I have written how the assassination was merely a trigger for the war and therefore cannot be regarded as the sole cause of World War I. I have discussed the other major causes of World War I which includes alliances, militarism and nationalism. I have included some historiography about the alliance system and how Germany's aims were seen as a main cause of World War I.

This section is approx 2, words Conclusion: Restatement of the research question and what I have analyzed. My justification based on the sources. This section is approx words.

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Any advice on how I am going? Am I on the right track so far and is there anything to improve on? Is there anything else I should include or is there anything that I have mentioned that should not be there? Your help would be kindly appreciated. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Black Bird Lockheed. Posted March 29, edited. Hope that I have helped you and best of luck for your essay. Edited March 29, by akash jishnu.

Your Welcome! Posted April 2, It is significant to note that Serbia agreed to all the terms except one, which was that Austria has the right to investigate into the assassination, and yep you know what happened next; and are you sure this is a good topic to do?


IB Learner Profile. Paper 2 Expectations - Turnitin. Use of Historiography - Tips. All Quiet on the Western Front - Rewa. Armenian Genocide. End of the War. Nature and Practice of WWI packet. Short-term Causes of WWI.

Soldier Experience - Paper 1 Format. The Russian Revolution.

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Types of War. Kissinger - Diplomacy - Chapter 7. I recommend that you read this. Oxford - Causes of the First World War. Excellent overview of both long-term and short-term causes. Pearson - WWI Practices. Primary Source - July Ultimatum. Primary Source - Willy Nicky Telegram. How did the subsequent peace settlements from attempts to maintain peace and to what extent were they successful?

How did the League of Nations act as an organization for peace and was it destined to fail? What attempts were made for collective security and disarmament in the 's and to what extent were they successful? Class Discussions. Short Answer Questions. Essay Writing Skill Development.

War Memorial to WW1. Unit Calendar The Calendar outlines the plan for our day to day in class activities and the homework that will be assigned. The expectation is that students complete all homework assignments for the next lesson unless otherwise indicated on the calendar. While we would like this to be set in stone, unforeseen events and intriguing tangents might change the plan so if you are ever in doubt on what is due and when, please ask! Introduction to IB History and Mr. What is History? Classroom Expectations Review Syllabus. Join Mr.

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Letter to Mr. Johnson Activity Complete Letter to Mr. Johnson and review Syllabus with Parents. World War 1 Causes and Main Events.

Much more than documents.

Sample WWI Diagram. Read pages in Goldstein. Make Germany Pay.

ib history wwi essay questions Ib history wwi essay questions
ib history wwi essay questions Ib history wwi essay questions
ib history wwi essay questions Ib history wwi essay questions
ib history wwi essay questions Ib history wwi essay questions
ib history wwi essay questions Ib history wwi essay questions

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