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What is the magic that brings a sentence to life, or makes a passage ache in our bones? In this class we will examine and reverse engineer the elements that resonate with us in published works of fiction. Equally important will be the actual workshopping: Students are encouraged to arrive at the beginning of the course with projects in mind, and may submit fiction of any genre in the form of short stories or novel chapters.

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The purpose of these workshops is not only to produce new work and practice implementing things from our craft conversations, but also to sharpen our editorial instincts. In constructively critiquing the work of others we become stronger writers ourselves. This class is focused on narrative prose, but experimentation within that form is welcome. Finally, we will talk about building a disciplined writing practice, as well as the business end: working towards publication, and the process of finding a literary agent.

How does one write about the self by looking at the world and away from the self? Is the imagination the most personal yet unknowable thing we have? In what ways do identity and personal history fit within our human narrative? By looking at poets writing today and those of the New York School, San Francisco Renaissance, the Confessionals, and the Language School, we will discuss how repetition, pacing, and drastic leaps may be used as incantatory and revelatory writing devices which create meaning by offering mystery. We will experiment and create as much out of chance as out of order.

All courses are taught in English. All students must register for 8 points of undergraduate credit.

Writers in New York 12222: Curriculum & Syllabi

Coursework consists of alternating afternoons of craft seminars and writing workshops. Evenings feature readings, lectures, panel discussions, and special events.

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  7. The schedule includes time for writing, reading, and exploring Paris, and the program culminates in a celebratory reading showcasing student work. Each of these courses is comprised of a writing workshop, craft seminar, and nightly literary events. Students work closely with two accomplished world-class writers—one in the context of the writing workshop, and another in the context of the craft seminar. Workshops provide students with guidance on the art of revision, as well as with experience giving and receiving feedback. Individual private conferences supplement coursework, and each student submits a final portfolio of writing at the end of the program.

    Course Offerings

    In the craft seminars— literature courses taught by writers for writers— students study great works of literature in order to learn how to create their own. Emphasis is on close reading and the basic elements of craft. Poetry students read exemplary poems and study voice, style, line, image, music, metaphor, syntax, and diction. Fiction writers consider stories and novels with a focus on the basic techniques of fiction, including plot, narrative, dialogue, tone, structure, rhythm, setting, and style.

    Students also attend a nightly series of readings, lectures, panel discussions, publishing forums, literary walking tours, and special events. These events feature program faculty as well as Paris-based and visiting writers, teachers, and editors.

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    Sample Creative Nonfiction Syllabus. The rooms are apartment style single rooms, with private bathrooms and a communal kitchen on each floor. There are also large common areas, a communcal laundry room, and biweekly cleaning service. Please note there is no meal plan or dining hall. Her other awards include a Jacob K.

    Nyu Creative Writing Summer High School – 609236

    A Spanish edition is forthcoming from Valparaiso Ediciones. She teaches in and directs the Creative Writing Program at New York University, and lives in Brooklyn with her husband, sons, and daughter. He is also the author of a book of nonfiction, Eating Animals. He lives in Brooklyn. He is an executive editor at the Literary Hub.

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    He is the founding editor of Freeman's, a new biannual literary journal. He lives in New York City.

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