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Brand Name products Essay. Generic v. Brand Name products Essay Submitted By naust Open Document. Noah A. Speech Prof. Allison C. Brand Name Products Generic drugs are copies of brand-name drugs that have the exact same dosage and ingredients. Generic drugs are essentially the same, the intended use, side effects, and risks are all pretty much directly linked to the original drug. In other words, the drug carries the same results as its expensive counterpart. A good example of a generic drug is acetaminophen.

A brand name for acetaminophen is Tylenol. Brand names are usually capitalized while generic names are not. Acetaminophen is a generic drug, one used for headaches, nausea, and heart pain. Many consumers become alarmed because of how generic drugs are often significantly cheaper than the brand-name versions.

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They often wonder about the quality and effectiveness and if its been compromised to be made cheaper. The FDA U. Food and Drug Administration requires that generic drugs be as safe and effective as brand-name drugs. When a generic drug product is approved, it has met high standards to be effective, safe, and pure enough for consumption.

Generic v. Brand Name products Essay

However, some variability can and does occur during mass production. The FDA does a great job of limiting how much variability is acceptable. In actuality, generic drugs are only less expensive because the manufacturers of the drug have not spared the expenses of developing and marketing a new drug. When a company decides to develop a new drug, the firm has already spent significant funds on research, development, marketing and promotion of the drug.

A patent is then granted that gives the developer of the drug an exclusive right to sell the drug as long as the patent is in effect. Although more people feel safer using regular generic brand drugs nowadays, some are skeptical of the effects of more serious drugs, like antidepressants. As seen in a recent study on WebMD. Generic manufacturers have much more freedom to sell their products for lower prices because they are released from the burden of having to repeat the costly clinical trials of new products and generally do not pay for advertising, marketing, and promotion.

One way that brand named companies have tried to focus attention away from generic products is by including special offers on the labeling. Generic brands will almost never have coupons attached to them, and will almost always be hidden out of plain sight. Brand named cereal boxes are… Show More. Related Documents: Generic v.

Why Branding Is Important in Marketing

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. We are also teenagers. We appreciate what is well-made, beautiful, classy and nice. However, we tend to disagree with the growing tendency of teenagers to be fanatically obsessed with brand-name goods. The reason we chose teenagers who spend extravagantly on brand-names to be our social issue of this topic is because there are too many teenagers purchasing brand-names goods.

We believe that, although this problem is in its embryo stage, it is one which will adversely affect the society and teenagers themselves in the future. Luxury brand is a brand name good that is sold on the open market. Most luxury brands are very expensive and the consumer most pays for name recognition and not product quality. Most teenagers have illusions that luxury brands are made with high quality or the best materials, high reliability and are a symbol of wealth they also feel that this will display or change their self-image, therefore, part of the teenagers love of luxury brand products.

But some teenagers will only buy these because they are what are popular and the people they like have it. We aim to show that teenagers are addicted to brand name goods and that the society is currently not doing enough to curb this trend. We believe that measures can and should be taken to control this extravagance, beginning with the home, through parents, the schools, through teachers, and social services, through counselors and advisers.

We are going to present this social issue by very lively, truly and give sample examples with a sense of humor.

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A luxury brand is a brand name good that is sold on the open market. Most luxury brands are very expensive and the consumer pays mostly for name recognition, taking for granted that the name guarantees product quality. Most teenagers have illusions that luxury brands are made of materials with the highest quality or the best craftsmanship. They assume that these products are of high reliability and, consequently, are a symbol of wealth. The desire for luxury brand products increases. Other teenagers, however, will only buy these because they are popular and the people they like or admire have them.

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This is the bandwagon tendency. A survey released found that nearly 70 percent of Hong Kong teenagers are victims of this brand-crazy tendency. We are also students, still at school, and we know that our earning capacity is limited. Our parents are still our main source of income and they provide us with our daily pocket money. Some teenagers do not value this parental support and will even borrow money from their friends or do things that are illegal things to be able to afford to buy luxury brands. Sadly, some females will even sell themselves for money just so they can buy luxury brands likes LV, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, to name but a few.

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We should study more instead of wasting our money by buying luxury brands. Our personal values should centre on courage, progressiveness, hard-work, intelligence, and active thinking. This can provide us with a greater development potential. The material life is a mirror which can reflect on our attitude. We hope to present this social issue using examples with a sense of humor. At the very beginning, the branding effect gave youngsters a concept that brand-name products were good and superior.

Additionally, most adults like to use these brands to display their social status to others. Sometimes, it begins with simple acts of gift-giving, especially when the gift is given to impress someone. The giver knows he has made a good impression, and the receiver is more than flattered that someone was willing to spend so much for a gift.

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However, this sets a bad example for children to follow. Children then begin to see that certain gifts are worth more than others, that some draw more smiles and exclamations, while the rest are simply stuffed into the bin.

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Brand-names do not only belong to fashion and accessories. Children boast to their friends about their possessions. As time goes by, a bad precedent is set and more and more young children will begin to think that they must also have name brand goods to be respected in society. Among teenagers, peer pressure can also push some weak-minded youngsters to follow this trend. They begin to think that their acceptance into a group is solely dependent on whether they have the same name brand schoolbag, sports shoes or mobile phone.

Upon interviewing some teenagers, we found that twenty percent of them said there was no need to purchase brand-name goods.

essays about brand names Essays about brand names
essays about brand names Essays about brand names
essays about brand names Essays about brand names
essays about brand names Essays about brand names
essays about brand names Essays about brand names

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