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There is strong interest among researchers and practitioners alike to come together to engage in substantive and thoughtful dialogue about the ways that governance systems of nonprofit and other civil society and public service organizations are evolving, adapting, growing, and performing.

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This conference creates a truly collegial space for such engaged dialogue among colleagues, and we invite researchers, scholars, consultants, executives, and other civil society leaders from across the globe to join us for this set of critical conversations. Research is an integral element of the conference, and we invite proposals for papers that focus on one or more aspects of nonprofit and nongovernmental organization governance and board work, including papers that address the governance of public-benefit charities, grant-making foundations, cooperatives and associations, and social enterprises.

We will consider papers that are empirical, papers that are conceptual, and prescriptive papers that are effectively grounded in theory and research. Governing boards are mandated to behave as prudent stewards of resources, yet they also are exhorted to become more entrepreneurial.

What constitutes entrepreneurial board behavior? How are boards responding, and what are the implications of such expectations for boards and the practice of governance? As nonprofit and for-profit forms of enterprise continue to blur, what are we learning about social enterprise governance that might help us understand the similarities and differences of governance for each?

Nonprofit Leadership by and for Early Career Scientists

There is growing use of new and unique forms of organization and organized action, including various forms of networks and distributed systems of service delivery including collective impact and community engagement governance initiatives. How is governance in these forms similar and different, and what are the implications of these forms for governance of the individual organizations that participate in them? What are we learning as we examine the relationship between governance in the public sector and in the nonprofit sector?

Assessing Workplace Culture in a Non-profit Setting

Are there overarching frameworks that may be useful to help us understand governance across all sector and levels? What actors in and around nonprofits have the power to influence governance, how is this evolving and changing, and with what consequences? Are social media and social networking changing the dynamics of governance? What are we learning about the implications of having more or less inclusive governance arrangements and systems in place, and how are stakeholders taking the initiative to exercise influence on organizations?

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As we identify and work to understand all of these kinds of challenges and dynamics, are we developing new research models or methods that are better suited to the next generation of governance research? What remains essentially unexamined? These topics illustrate many though certainly not all of the kinds of questions and issues that are relevant to the conference. The deadline for receipt of proposals is January 15, Principal activities include an annual conference, publications, electronic discussions and special interest groups. The nonprofit Urban Institute is dedicated to elevating the debate on social and economic policy.

For nearly five decades, Urban scholars have conducted research and offered evidence-based solutions that improve lives and strengthen communities across a rapidly urbanizing world.

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Their objective research helps expand opportunities for all, reduce hardship among the most vulnerable, and strengthen the effectiveness of the public sector. Its Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center creates and nurtures excellence in public affairs management and leadership through research, teaching, professional development, and outreach, and is a vital resource for community partners. It is funded primarily by external grants.

The overall ambition is to contribute to a better understanding of the roles and positions assumed in society by associations, foundations and other third sector organizations.

The empirical focus is organized civil society, and the scholars come from a range of social science areas including political science, sociology, management, history and organization studies. Apart from conducting research, center scholars are also active in disseminating knowledge through public lectures and seminars. Center web page: www.

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Senior Editorial Board The senior editorial board consists of 20 distinguished senior scholars recognized nationally and internationally as nonprofit policy experts in their disciplines. They will also be encouraged to submit articles to the journal. Institutional Partners and their representatives are:. Alan J.

This Indian NGO has done lot of charity work aiming at bringing socio-economic change in rural India. Come and join us at Kusum Trust Foundation. User Account Log in Register Help. Search Close Advanced Search Help. Editor-in-Chief: Young, Dennis R. Open Access. Online ISSN See all formats and pricing Online. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. Nonprofits: Should Blockers Be Blocked?

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non profit organization research papers Non profit organization research papers
non profit organization research papers Non profit organization research papers
non profit organization research papers Non profit organization research papers
non profit organization research papers Non profit organization research papers
non profit organization research papers Non profit organization research papers

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